PNSO A-Shu the Qianzhousaurus Dinosaur Model

PNSO A-Shu the Qianzhousaurus Dinosaur Model


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PNSO A-Shu the Qianzhousaurus. A fantastic dinosaur model by PNSO.

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A PNSO A-Shu the Qianzhousaurus . A fantastic model of Qianzhousaurus by PNSO. The PNSO A-Shu the Qianzhousaurus dinosaur model complete with an articulated jaw and a transparent stand.

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3 reviews for PNSO A-Shu the Qianzhousaurus Dinosaur Model

  1. Petar (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it. It looked great on the product page and it’s even better in person.
    The coloring, build quality, exceptional details, and dynamic pose of this dinosaur are amazing.
    I would also like to say thanks to the Everything Dinosaur staff who helped with the shipping and tracking and made sure that I got my order on time.

    This is my first ever dinosaur model but I’ll be getting many more from here that’s for sure.

  2. s.a.w

    A very beautiful model with a really great, lifelike coloring.
    All details are shown very accurately.
    The pose of the animal also looks very natural and lively.
    The Slender and elegant shape of Qianzhosaurus is a very nice contrast to other Theropods.
    A must have for all theropod lovers.
    Another great 1:35 scale model from PNSO

  3. William Shields

    PNSO’s 2021 “A-Shu”.

    Qianzhousaurus sinensis
    1:35 Scale Model.

    PNSO has previously released a
    Qianzhousaurus sinensis but in miniature form which they named “Trike” which was well detailed for it’s size but his big brother “A-Shu” is no tiny figure he’s a rip roaring high-end figure just like his big cousin “Wilson” an like him may never have equal to displace.


    Again we have 110 percent perfection in the head sculpt an over all general.

    No lips have been but a nice toothy closed mouth is very eye catching.
    And remember whether you are the have lips or no lips person on your theropods that total to each their own.
    I’m liking the present PNSO releases with their nice big classical tooth grins.

    As Zao Chuang stated in his video review of “Wilson” it is due to his osteological research not add them due the large facial scales growing beyond the margin of upper mandible.
    The lower mandible fits into the upper with exact hole placement.
    Giving a greater all round protection.

    Facial integument of his face is as tho it has been recreated from the living theropod.

    The texturing of the entire figure is a pleasure to behold and touch.
    The planning and execution of the detailing is beyond anything you see.
    Just outstanding top marks for this accurate rendition.

    The long slender lacrimal crests are spot on and they converge onto the slender nasal crest. Shrink wrapping is not really present on his antorbital fenestra & orbits with well defined dark ear openings.

    Now we progress to the area of
    “A-Shu”‘s head that has earned dubious nickname of “Pinocchio Rex’ due it slender gracile length.
    His long slender teeth are set nicely into a gracile jaws all painted in a flesh pink giving a truelly allover natural look to the figure and the mouth is fully articulated with a ridge textured upper pallette and the pseudo-jaws to hold the mouth muscles open unlike the Tyrannosaurids the Alioramini walked another path in their hunt for food where fast pursuit hunters the cheetahs of Ganzhou or fishing in the regions ancient river systems like Baryonyx future finds and research with enlight us.

    Unlike past or present mammalian predators the loss of a tooth was not make or break moment for them a new one erupts from the gum bed in a matter of weeks they could get by what family members brought down or if solitary scavenging scraps.

    Tongue placement in the mouth is correctly done not flopping fowards and flopping about. Nasal passage is placed nicely into the roof of the mouth.

    Tyrannosaurinae “A-Shu” has the
    correct stereoscopic vision an research suggests they had superior vision ever better any of todays extant Falcons ,even able to pinpoint their prey standing still in shadowy cover.
    All set with dark yellow eye with sharp black pupil.


    “A-Shu”s forelimbs look larger then “Wilson” but logically their two different species but again the arms & hands the best of the best  as with previous release with detailed fingers shoulders an his muscles are well hidden under the skin folds to the muscles of his arm’s with more robust fore limbs & fingers it’s little details set the bar high for other to achieve.
    Really fine keel bone with fully textured skin area with detailed cloaca.

    In the hind limbs a realistic pair of powerful scutted legs with great claws an a cracking dew claws all covered in natural looking skin full textured flat foot pads. Poised in a forward moving stance with the left foot moving forward and the right held backwards.
    Where the Qianzhousaurus the sprints of the family able catch an cosume what their bigger heavier cousins could not ?.

    Colour are main body colour is white with tinte green and dark wash to give that realism. A very fine rich ochre tiger striping begins at the fenestra an then progress downward to the end of the tail in a very eye catching but natural application very planned out.
    Again far better then the prototype debut colours.

    “A-Shu” comes in the excellent PNSO white box, his accessories are is a beautifully illustrated book and his clear posing plastic stand to help him balance.

    Length: 10-11inches.

    Height: 3.5 inches.

    May I take a moment to thank Sue & Mike and the entire team at Everything Dinosaur HQ.
    We Your Customers/Friends wish you all many thank you all for being the company we all respect.
    Thank you for being Our Friends and thank you for being 

    A very small bio of Qianzhousaurus sinensis Professors Lu’s”Qianzhou lizard”

    In 2010 on summer construction work unearth the first and presently only type specimen of
    a young adult Qianzhousaurus  sinensis in Ganzhou.

    After four years of painstaking work the new Alioramini was described in the journal Nature Communications in 2014.
    By the paleontology team tasked to describe and research the holotype  included the following members2 Junchang Lü, Laiping Yi, Stephen L. Brusatte, Ling Yang, Hua Li and Liu Chen .

    Grouped within the tribe of Alioramini the Qianzhousaurus are larger then either of their Alioramus cousins.

    The time period it dates from is within the Late period of the Cretaceous ~67-66 million years ago within the Maastrichtian age.

    Medium-large-sized theropod of  21 ft feet and weight ratio of 1,669 .

    The discovery of the slender snouted Qianzhousaurus sinensis shows that the Tyrannosaurids where able to radiate and to fill different niches in ecosystems when opportunities arised from the extreme big game hunters to slender pursuer or even may be pantient fishers.

    PNSO’s entire series are of a fantastic scale and quality with a fantastic price range. My advice I’d leave space for  all their future releases.
    PNSO will release even more figures very soon in 2021 all which will be available here at Everything Dinosaur as they debut to world by the web.

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