Papo Dimetrodon Model

Papo Dimetrodon Model


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A super quality model of a sail-backed reptile from Papo. A Papo Dimetrodon model. Dimetrodon model has a moveable lower jaw.

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A hand-painted museum quality model of the sail-backed reptile Dimetrodon. A Papo Dimetrodon model. A Papo Dimetrodon prehistoric animal model, great for creative play. Dimetrodon model has articulated lower jaw.

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Weight 125 g



Length 16.5 cm, Height of model 8 cm


DIE-me-TRO-don (two types of teeth)

6 reviews for Papo Dimetrodon Model

  1. Proud Placental Homeotherm

    Sadly this beautiful model has a great flaw! The number of toes on the hind legs is too low! There are 4 toes on each hind leg and this should be 5!

  2. pablo (verified owner)

    me gusta la expresion que le dieron en la cara y el color camuflado y en la aleta dorsal es estupendo, ahora que vi el modelo de schleich encuentro que son muy parecidos los 2, aunque papo lo supera por poco, por suerte me llego rapido y ya lo tengo en mi coleccion, saludos

  3. Ant (verified owner)

    This could be one of the best animal models ever. Excellent sculpting, moulding and painting. The missing toes are all the more a surprising flaw, then.

    [Quick explanation from Everything Dinosaur – the Papo Dimetrodon model has been produced with four toes on each hind foot, fossil evidence suggests that Dimetrodon had five toes on each hind foot.]

  4. Tyrannosaur87

    By far one of Papo’s best figures ever. A highly accurate (save for the missing toes on both hind legs) representation of Dimetrodon Grandis, this figure portrays an active animal, perhaps in the act of regulating it’s body temperature with it’s massive sail. The detail on this figure is close to flawless, aside from the aforementioned missing toes. The head is excellently sculpted and the teeth that give Dimetrodon it’s name are on fully display. No other figure comes close to this level of detail. I couldn’t recommend this figure enough.

  5. Matthew (verified owner)

    Papo have done it again. This Dimetrodon by Papo is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The detail is amazing and the colours really work well together. The jaw opens as well, revealing some deady teeth. Once again Papo have created a wonderful model, and I can’t wait for next years releases.

  6. Rhiannon (verified owner)

    This model was never going to be a disappointment, by the simple virtue of it being fortunate enough to be born as a Papo creation! Because Dimetrodon is so well known and reconstructed, no model is ever going to break boundaries other than in terms of accuracy and detail, which this model achieves fluently! It is so nicely detailed and realistic it almost looks like it’s a model of an animal which still exists, never mind one which is long, long extinct! The attention to detail is almost obsessively precise. The underside appears alligator-like, the upper parts more like a komodo dragon with some larger scale-detail on the neck and along either side of the spine. The sculptor was clearly someone who understands the movement of large reptiles very well. The paintwork is of a very high standard, it suits this reconstruction very well, and the attention to detail even extends to darker spots on the underside! The sail is brighter without being garish. It definitely has one of the more pleasing paintwork schemes withing the model range – maybe they could give their Spinosaurus an eventual makeover along these lines? Papo models are designed and made with pride and an uncompromising attention to detail which shines through. More, please!

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