CollectA Megalosaurus in Ambush

CollectA Megalosaurus in Ambush


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A CollectA Megalosaurus in ambush dinosaur model. A wonderful CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Popular range Megalosaurus in ambush.

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The CollectA Megalosaurus in ambush dinosaur model. Hand-painted and very detailed the CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Megalosaurus in ambush.

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2 reviews for CollectA Megalosaurus in Ambush

  1. William Shields (verified owner)

    2021 CollectA Megalosaurus in Ambush.

    This my review of a figure that all collectors of paleo-figures should add to their treasure trove that previously purchased in May of 2021.
    Yes, the Collecta Megalosaurus is that good in hand – really worth purchasing.

    The first named dinosaur Megalosaurus was the spark that set the world ablaze with a deep passion for dinosaurs.

    We Your Customers/Friends wish to thank Everything Dinosaur for being a company owned and run by the BEST OF THE BEST.

    Whether you need an obscure theropod or a pair of Dino socks you’ll never go wrong or have worries buying from EVERYTHING DINOSAUR.

  2. William Shields (verified owner)

    2021 CollectA Megalosaurus in Ambush.

    Lets begin my review of a figure that all collectors of paleo-figures should add to their treasure trove.
     I introduce to you our very own  Megalosaurus bucklandii  our Megalosauridae crown jewels of the British Isles and the first fossil to be given the name dinosaur an the pride of United Kingdom paleo community.

    Ever a dinosaur figure needed a proper up-dated well then Collecta’s Megalosaurus most truelly did the old version was rather poor.

    Head sculpt:
    Collecta has given us an accurate scientific Megalosaurus head held slightly up as tho observing a game trail from cover.

    Nicely defined long head & muzzle with a closed lipped mouth may be a few tèeth showing along the plates of lip scalelation. With a nice touch of skin folds behind the jaws.

    Great defination of nostrils,eyes and ear vents  all highlighted  in black with no strink wrapping but superb scales covering over ever area.
    With all cumulating to give a very natural appearance of living theropod.

    No mammal heads here thank very much but a Megalosaurus calmly waiting.

    Limbs & Arms: which are correctly held with well defined fingers & claws.
    Great legs with solid toes and nails with dewclaws and flat soles
    Feet are are tad over sized to help with standing and balance since CollectA has stopped adding bases to their figures.

    Main Torso: Long and sleek held more horizontally then the later Allosaurids or Tyrannosaurids be forgiving this was the prototype for the future theropods body layout.
    Musculature is very excellent for the size.

    Tail: well defined with scales beginning at the base of the neck then graduating in to a high dorsal quills then back to scales to the tails end.

    Colouration & Skin Texture:
    Main base colour is a grey-biege with black muzzle points & black ears with  striping from the back of the neck to the tails tip an from the side of the neck to tails base muscles black dabbles of varying sizes & shapes.

    From the inside of the thighs again varied black dabbles  ending with black feet & toes.
    A dash of red adds to the spinal quills over the tail muscle with neck-back scales black.
    Finely sculpted scaling texture is applied expertly giving a pleasing feel.

    Which is completed with a dark wash no over glossy shiny figure but a natural appeal.
    Throat & under belly folds of wrinkles are great little touch just adds to complete the figure.

    Figure size & Scale:
    Length is 6.25 inches.
    Height is 2 inches.
    Remember this a standard size and not a deluxe figure.

    And Theropod Bio:

    The Reverend William Buckland’s the
    “GREAT LIZARD” Megalosaurus bucklandii.

    The great lizards fossils have been unearthed from late 17th century even appearing
    Professor Robert Plot of Oxford university
    Natural History of Oxfordshire in 1676 after receiving fossil fragments aquired from
     Stonesfield limestone quarry in Oxfordshire.

    Time Period :166 Million years Ago.
    From the Bathonian Stage of the Middle Jurassic of England & Europe.
    Sub-Family:- Megalosaurinae.
    Genus:-Megalosaurus buckland
    20 Feet/6 Metres in length.
    15,000 lb/700 kgs.

    Megalosaurus was one of early large theropods that set standards of the futures predators atandard bipedal body plan.
    The head and neck are held in a more horizantal position then later theropods.
    Armed with a set of strong well arm with claws that could grasp with it’s prey.
    But the real weapon was the powerful head with a mouth full long curved teeth.

    Oxfordshire’s Apex Predator it would have dominated the areas other theropods
    Cruxicheiros, Iliosuchus and Streptospondylus driving them from their kills.
    Most likely hunting juvenile Cetiosaurus and maybe in packs tracking and wounding adults then pulling back till blood loss and infection takes affect.

    Buckland’s defines the first dinosaur.

    The fossil acquired by Rev William Buckland, at the Professor of Geology at the University of Oxford and dean of Christ Church.
    Buckland studied the lower jaw and the great
    French comparative anatomist Georges Cuvier came to visit with Buckland in Oxford.
    An it dawn upon the great man they had before them remains a gigantic ancient reptile.

    The  20th February 1824 will always be remembered as the day that the Rev Wm
    Buckland formally announced Megalosaurus.  Geological Society, in 1824, an confirn constitute a valid publication of the name.

    The first named dinosaur Megalosaurus was the spark that set the world a blaze with a deep passion for dinosaurs.

    At this moment I wish to thank Sue & Mike and their entire team at Everything Dinosaur health & happiness to enjoy their new HQ.

    We Your Customers/Friends wish to thank you all for being a Company Owned & Run by the BEST OF THE BEST.

    Thank you for being Our Friends and thank you for being EVERYTHING DINOSAUR.


    Ambush is a gift for a pair of little brothers so I bought  a brace of Megalosauridae hunters so there wouldn’t be a mini dino war.

    Wether you need an obscure theropd or a pair of Dino sock you’ll never go wrong or have a  worries buying from EVERYTHING DINOSAUR.

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