Collecta Majungasaurus (Majungatholus)

///Collecta Majungasaurus (Majungatholus)

Collecta Majungasaurus (Majungatholus)


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A Majungatholus dinosaur model from Collecta. A Collecta Majungatholus model.

6 in stock


The bizarre carnivore Majungasaurus (formerly known as Majungatholus), a fearsome Cretaceous predator. A hand-painted, Majungasaurus Collecta dinosaur model. This dinosaur is also known as Majungatholus.

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Length 15 cm




mah-joong-gah-thol-us (Majunga dome)

5 reviews for Collecta Majungasaurus (Majungatholus)

  1. dinocleb

    amazing model of the madagascar dinosaur majungasaurus. brilliant model of the terrible abelisaurid dinosaur.

  2. Sharon

    Great variety of dinosaurs, presents and so on (some that you can’t find in shops). Excellent service, well packaged items and information sheets with dinosaurs – great. My son loves the dinosaurs we had from Everything Dinosaur.

  3. Kirsty

    As a mum of a dinosaur obsessed little boy I thought your website was amazing. An excellent range with excellent service too.

  4. Dom

    I was pleased when I got my haul, and when I opened the package and this little gem fell out! as in my summary they first thought this was a pachycephalosaurid! a great and rare figure, since not many abelisaurids are around, also pleased with the service!

  5. T.B.

    A super dinosaur model range, just what I needed to display alongside my fossil collection.

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