CollectA Hypsilophodon Family Model


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A Hypsilophodon family, a model of a Hypsilophodon family. A CollectA Hypsilophodon model.

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A CollectA Hypsilophodon family dinosaur model. A Hypsilophodon family, four Hypsilophodons – a family group of dinosaurs. A model of a family of Hypsilophodonts from CollectA. A CollectA Hypsilophodon dinosaur model.

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Weight 35 g



HIP-sigh-low-foh-don (High Ridged Tooth)


Width of Model 10 cm

1 review for CollectA Hypsilophodon Family Model

  1. bobcat

    This is a very clever idea and allows the manufacture of very small dinos which would be very difficult to produce as single figures. Not as impressive as the larger models but totally different as a concept. The second group should be available soon and in the future who knows what will come out. So many possibilities; better start saving up !

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