CollectA Baryonyx

CollectA Baryonyx


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A CollectA Baryonyx dinosaur model. A wonderful model of a Baryonyx by CollectA.

5 in stock

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An incredible CollectA Baryonyx dinosaur model. A CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Baryonyx dinosaur model, ideal for imaginative, creative play.

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1 review for CollectA Baryonyx

  1. Elizabeth Pendleton (verified owner)

    Quite a small model, but superb value for money. It’s very well detailed and mine is exceedingly carefully painted, with no bleeding of the white from the miniature teeth or the pink from the tiny, narrow inner mouth. Even the tiny dew claws on the hind feet are cleanly painted. I like the conservative colour scheme, within which there is plenty of variation to keep the interest; and the tiny dot of brilliant scarlet on the bump between its eyes is a good choice. The beady black of the tiny eye is also a good choice that gives a touch of life. My only quibble: I wish they would paint the leaves on the base green (or even autumnal shades) rather than leaving them the same as the sand/soil of the base. The base is good and sturdy and should prevent any tendency for my bipedal Baryonyx to face-plant!

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