Collecta Dolichorhynchops

Collecta Dolichorhynchops


15 in stock

(7 customer reviews)

A great model of the marine reptile Dolichorhynchops. A Collecta Dolichorhynchops model. A super sea monster model.

15 in stock


A super model of the sea monster Dolichorhynchops. A huge marine reptile from the Cretaceous, a Collecta Dolichorhynchops.

Additional information


DOL-ee-koh-rin-kops (long snout face)


Length 12 cm



7 reviews for Collecta Dolichorhynchops

  1. cepimax.13 (verified owner)

    well detailed figure! very pleasing model! a must to have one 🙂

  2. Jamraptor

    Charming! A little small, but very gracile and mine has perfect painting. Feels very down to earth and brings more variation to a collection.

  3. cryptojohn

    Nice model, colours a bit drab, should be at least twice the size but a nice model.

  4. dinocleb

    amazing model of the marine reptile dolichynchops. a brilliant model.

  5. Carolyn

    Excellent service. Fact sheets were a very welcome addition to the purchase. I like the way in which you stock the more obscure dinosaurs/sea reptiles.

  6. lcamiro (verified owner)

    Simply best model of this marine animal. The sculpt and paint scheme are excellent! I totally recommend this figure for demanding collectors and for kids as well. Thanks to Everything Dinosaur for the excellent service.

  7. bobcat

    At long last I can get my hands on this! Have been itching to get it ever since I saw the proposed release picture. Possibly the most accurate interpretation yet of a “dolly” ? Together with the other 3 CollectA models of Plesiosaurs this makes a very nice little set and only needs a good Ichthyosaur, or two, to complete the series. I hope CollectA will take the hint.

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