CollectA Diplodocus (Rearing Diplodocus)


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A rearing Diplodocus model from CollectA. A hand-painted model of a rearing Diplodocus.

7 in stock

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A CollectA Diplodocus, model can be posed on all fours or balanced on its hind legs and tail so that this Diplodocus rears up. A CollectA prehistoric life Diplodocus dinosaur model.

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Weight 285 g

Rearing Height 23 cm




di-PLOH-de-kus (double beam)

8 reviews for CollectA Diplodocus (Rearing Diplodocus)

  1. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Fantastic, dynamic model with beautiful coloration and sculpting detail–and what a cool pose! Absolutely spectacular!!

  2. crcollera94 (verified owner)

    One of the best CollectA´s models, the colors are amazing, its also highly detailed and has a dynamic pose. It can be put in four legs, it will look like hes running. The relation between price and quality is excellent. My figure came quick and in perfect condition, thanks for a pleasant transaction.

  3. Tyrannodus

    This diplodocus stands gracefully and balances surprisingly well. It is proportioned nicely, with the head painted in a striking red, white and black with the mouth agape in a “roar”. It is great to battle with the mapusaurus, even though they didn’t live in the same time period! Great model!!

  4. Eashwar

    When I saw this model,I was shocked about the balance of the sauropod.It stood on the tip of a rock!This is the best model ever I had.

  5. TonyandAlex (verified owner)

    Lots of character and great for imaginative play. Good to look at and handle. An excellent example of Diplodocus.

  6. Juan Andrés

    When I first saw this I said_WOW!It is an unique model,the pose is stunning.I highly reccomend it for scientific accuracy and for beauty.Many Thanks CollectA releasing this incredible model.Simply one of the best sauropod figures out there.

  7. Matthew (verified owner)

    Part of the 2013 line up of Prehistoric animals from CollectA, this Diplodocus is awesome. The rearing pose is amazing and brings back memories of the scene in Walking with Dinosaurs. The tail is long and whip-like, with spines going along its neck, back and tail. There is even a small claw on its front feet! This is an amazing model of an amazing dinosaur and is even larger than the Argentinosaurus produced last year!

  8. bobcat

    nicely designed model of this popular dinosaur and very cleverly sculpted to deal with the problem of the extreme length. Well done CollectA for another winner!

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