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Great for realistic play, a model of a dead Triceratops. A CollectA dino prey – dead Triceratops.

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A super model of dead Triceratops, great for creative, realistic dinosaur play. A CollectA dead Triceratops model. A CollectA dino prey dead Triceratops.

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Weight 165 g



try-sera-tops (three horned face)


Length 17 cm

6 reviews for CollectA Dino Prey – Dead Triceratops

  1. Tommy

    I received my order today and can I please just say you run a fantastic website and the new dinosaurs ( including the fantastic fact sheets ) have made my son’s and wife’s day.

    Have a fantastic day and keep up the outstanding work.

  2. Rajvinder

    This was the first ever CollectA model I’d owned, and it’s still a favourite among the others in my collection.

    The dinosaur itself is incredibly detailed, an excellent sculpt with lovely details on the scales and the quills on its rump. Not a single paint flaw is to be found on this model, every spec of paint is in its rightful place (or at least it was for me). I, personally, would have liked the see the skin a tad more wrinkly, but it’s not something that this figure desperately needs, it’s still a lovely sculpt as is.

    But the thing I really cherish the most is the gore, as odd as that may sound. I prefer this model over the dead Stegosaurus since the blood and organs look fresh. Again, I know it sounds weird, and perhaps a tad creepy, but when you place a carnivore over the corpse, it all works together to create a lovely diorama, a fresh kill. The organs of the dead Stegosaur were bright pink, not all too realistic, so for a realistic looking dinner for one of your prized carnivore models, this Triceratops is a must have!

    My one qualm is that the blood on the leg looks kinda, I dunno, ‘off’? It doesn’t look like how blood would flow down a leg, but this is just me being very picky. I doubt that in the presence of this dinosaurs exposed organs and Chelsea grin a weird looking patch of blood would be the first thing your eyes are drawn to.

    (I also want to mention that the tongue sticking out is kinda funny to me, it brings light to this dark and depressing piece, a nice touch)

  3. Wheelhousean

    When I had first learned of this figure, I instantly thought about my Rebor Tyrannosaurus figure and how it would be awesome to have a dead dino instead of a rock under it’s foot. Thanks to Everything Dinosaur’s measurements, I was able to make an estimate of how tall the dead Triceratop’s body would be in relation to the foot height of the T-rex and decided to take a chance with this figure. Turned out to be a perfect match! I don’t even need to worry about the Rebor T-rex tipping over! And, most exciting, both figures together look magnificent and create a stunning diorama. If you own a Rebor Tyrannosaurus, I highly recommend CollectA’s dead Triceratops as a more reliable and nicer looking base replacement.

  4. Michael

    A wonderful addition to the collection, a fabulously detailed model, with a bright colour scheme.

  5. Separatistsympathiser

    ‘genius!’ . . . the idea alone deserves unending credit – Dead Dinosaurs. superb! but what makes this even more fantastic is that the Triceratops is actually a really, really good & very accurate model – anatomically correct (with speculative protofeathers on the spine too) and so detailed. please, please let this be the beginning of a whole range of ‘dead’ dino’s . . . what i wouldn’t give for a half-eaten Hadrosaur, or the corpse of a juvenile Sauropod.

  6. bobcat

    I really like this model; not every collector’s dream but for those who like their models in a diorama it is essential. Perhaps a little gory for some, but as a retired teacher I can say with some experience that this is not going to put any children off, rather the opposite in my experience. My only critiscism is that CollectA should have also produced a “living” version of this Triceratops, in the same colour scheme. I hope to see more “food” items in the future. Well done CollectA for producing something unusual.

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