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A fantastic model of the latest interpretation of the dinosaur Deinocheirus. A CollectA prehistoric life Deinocheirus dinosaur model.

2 in stock

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An amazing, hand-painted CollectA Deinocheirus dinosaur model. A wonderful model of a Deinocheirus dinosaur by CollectA.  The CollectA prehistoric life Deinocheirus dinosaur model.

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Die-no-kie-rus (Terrible Hand)


Length 18 cm approx. Height of head 10.5 cm approx.

2 reviews for CollectA Deinocheirus

  1. Rhiannon

    What a beautiful representation of this enormous and unexpectedly weird theropod! CollectA have managed to make this figure look very convincing. Like many feathered theropod models, it’s a little laterally compressed when taking into account the bulk of its feathery covering, but it’s nowhere near as svelte as their deluxe Beishanlong. The blue and pink hues are bold, but somehow convincing and very pleasing. Very bird-like! The tiny, shiny little black eyes give the figure a spark of life. A joy to behold in the collection!

  2. Elizabeth

    Full marks to CollectA for quickly updating their Deinocheirus to reflect recent fossil finds. In addition to this, it’s a lovely model: excellent textures, highlighted by the painting – I love the tail fan, emphasised by white feathers; lovely detail too on the head and mouth. Recommended!

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