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An assortment of 12 different mini prehistoric marine animal models by CollectA. The Box of mini prehistoric marine animal includes models of Dunkleosteus, Leedsichthys, Xiphactinus, a Trilobite (Olenoides), the giant Ammonite Parapuzosia (12 mini prehistoric marine animals in total).

6 in stock

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The CollectA box of mini prehistoric marine animals. The set includes models of marine reptiles, bizarre ammonites, giant prehistoric fish, trilobites and the monstrous, straight-shelled Orthocone Cameroceras. The CollectA box of mini prehistoric marine animals contains 12 different models.

Details of models: Temnodontosaurus (an Ichthyosaur), Diplomoceras (unusual ammonite), Xiphactinus (giant fish), Pliosaurus (marine reptile), Parapuzosia (giant ammonite), Dunkleosteus (giant fish), Baculites (straight-shelled ammonite), Archelon (prehistoric turtle), Australiceras (ammonite), Cameroceras (giant Orthocone), Olenoides serratus (trilobite) and Leedsichthys (giant, plankton-eating fish).

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