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A deluxe model of the Cretaceous predator Baryonyx. A superb, hand-painted 1:40 scale model of the dinosaur Baryonyx.

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A highly detailed, scale model of the predator Baryonxy. A dinosaur whose fossilised remains have been found in Britain. A super 1:40 scale model of Baryonyx from the Collecta range.

Great for collectors or for creative, imaginative play.  A CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Baryonyx dinosaur model.

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Weight 300 g

Length 29 cm




bar-ee-on-iks (heavy claw)

5 reviews for CollectA Deluxe 1:40 Scale Model of Baryonyx

  1. mikey

    I like the model, but at this size (equivalent to a 38 ft animal at 1:40 scale), and with that hump, this more closely approximates Suchomimus than Baryonyx.

  2. Jan

    I still remember Baryonyx walkeri being described in 1986. I am very happy I found such a well made model of it now to give to my grandson. I made some Lepidotes fishes in Fimo clay, so he can feed it.

  3. Carys

    Such a fab model of a dinosaur I’ve been looking for. Ever since Ice Age 3 my 3yr old boy has been going on about ‘Rudy’ and I promised one for his birthday. After finding out what dinosaur it was I could not find one anywhere until now. He was so pleased to receive it on his birthday and although it isn’t the real ‘Rudy’ he didn’t care. Good price for this type of model too and very good quality. Was nice to receive the factsheets on all dinosaur items we purchased. A very nice, personal touch. Thank you!

  4. Diane

    Fast and friendly service, from people who know what they are talking about. Will use this company again.

  5. David

    Such a refreshing change to find a more unusual model of a dinosaur supplied by people who actually know about the model and the dinosaur the model represents. The fact sheet supplied by Everything Dinosaur on Baryonyx was a real bonus.

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