Rebor GNG03 1:35 scale SA T. rex Type B

Rebor GNG03 1:35 scale SA T. rex Type B


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The Rebor GNG03 1:35 scale SA T. rex Type B. A fantastic 1:35 scale model of Tyrannosaurus rex.

156 in stock


A fantastic Rebor GrabNGo Tyrannosaurus rex model (GNG03 1:35 scale SA T. rex Type B). An incredible model of T. rex by Rebor. The Rebor GNG03 1:35 scale SA T. rex Type B.

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  1. William Shields

    REBOR’S 2020 Grab N Go 3.
    1:35 SA T-REX TYPE B.
    Tyrannosaurus rex.
    Scarlet&Gold Version.(Male).

    Rebor have given us a really beautiful non Jurassic Park T-rex.

    Let us begin with Goldenboy’s head really what a T-rex should be. Eyes are of a dark yellow with a strong black pupils and above them are the lacrimal crests and the darken skin around sets off the facial features.
    We progress down towards his
    antorbital fenestra with some slight shrink wrapped.
    Snout with the raised nasal ridge and well defined nostrils.
    With a wide open maw and it is filled standard top of the line Rebor teeth.

    His ribbed textured tongue is set well into the full ridged mouth which is fully painted a dark rich pink flesh tones. The skin texture encasing the entire head is so very eye catching & so natural. With nicely sculpted ear holes no details are missed.

    With his natural looking neck with a well define musculature an with skin folds that other figures only wished they had be given.

    His arms & hands are the best you’ll see from the detailed fingers with shoulder skin folds to the muscles in the arms in tiny fore limbs so many rex figures lack such careful details.

    In the hind limbs we recieve realistic pair of powerful scutted
    legs with great claws an a cracking dew claws all covered in natural looking skin full textured foot pads. Poised in a forward moving stance with the right foot raised. Nice defines ribs in each figure just adds realism.
    Comes bagged and standing within a plastic tray to prevent the feet from warping.

    Included the figure is a clear plastic stands to aid with standing while on display and before anyone ask they are hollow pvc figures like PNSO big figures.

    The entire dermal texture is on the money but then this Rebor they know how to capture the very essences of the dinosaur’s skin. Covered in subtle osetoderms from back to flanks and thighs a real feast of textures.
    Really deep keel bone first rate.

    Colour wise a warm dark crimson beginning at the muzzle progressing towards a lighter red over the head with a dark wash on the crimson towards the side of neck & shoulders phasing into the metallic golden hues with a metallic green tint of the main body. The main body which is of a rich warm gold similar to the Australia’s deadly inland Taipan a very natural looking choice of colour for such a big apex predator. The back colour is the exact warm brown used in female Rex which runs downwards to the tail. The underside of torso from the arms to end of the tail is a metallic ashen white with a very very dark wash added to his main back and the fronts of his leg scaling finishes the entire effect off with black feet.
    The black of the fore fingers just add that little something extra.

    Length 17 inches.
    Height 6 inches.

    At this moment I wish to thank Sue & Mike and their entire team at Everything Dinosaur HQ.
    We Your Customers/Friends wish to thank you all for being the company we all respect.
    Thank you for being Our Friends and thank you for being
    A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.


    A very small bio of Brown & Fairfield Osborn’s Tyrannosaurus rex “Tyrant Lizard King”.

    While on an AMNH dig in 1900 Barnum Brown found bones and then in 1902 he uncovered the first partial skeleton from the Hell Creek formation.
    And three years later in 1905
    Henry Fairfield Osborn’s gave the world’s favourite predator it’s full regal title.

    The time period it dates from is within the Late period of the Cretaceous 66-68 million years ago within the Maastrichtian age from the legendary Hell Creek Formation.

    A Large-sized theropod of 40-43 feet and weight ratio of 8-13 tons.

    The Triceratops horridus this 13 ton, 30 foot Chasmosaurinae would have been preyed upon by the Hell creek Tyrannosaurus rex but not an easy task most likely taking only sub-adults & the sick or the infirm.

    Fossil evidence does show that at times it was a duel to the death for both combatants.

    So as the proud owner of my first pair of Rebor’s GnG T-rexes and I’m very content and pleased with these wonderful crafted figures of King of the Lizards.

    Rebor’s GnG series are a great scale and price range.
    Don’t miss out owning either one or the pair their worthy addition.
    You’d better leave space for Rebor’s future Grab N Go figures available here at Everything Dinosaur.

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