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Rebor Adult Deinosuchus Swamp


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The Rebor adult Deinosuchus swamp colour variant. The Rebor 1:35 Adult Deinosuchus hatcheri Museum Class Replica Deluxe Pack Meta swamp version. A fantastic Rebor Deinosuchus supplied complete with an Everything Dinosaur Deinosuchus fact sheet.

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A Rebor adult Deinosuchus swamp colour variant. The Rebor 1:35 adult Deinosuchus hatcheri Museum Class Replica Deluxe Pack Meta swamp version with an articulated jaw, poseable tail tip and an Appalachiosaurus carcase accessory.

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4 reviews for Rebor Adult Deinosuchus Swamp

  1. svegaradelgado (verified owner)

    This is, by far, the most spectacular figure I’ve ever seen. Having been involved with actual crocodilians all my life, I’m simply astonished by the amazing level of detail and realism Rebor has achieved with this Deinosuchus. Pictures don’t really do justice to the sheer size and overall great appearance of this model. The Appalachiosaurus addition is the Cherry on the Cake, really impressive as well. Also, the facts sheet provided by Everything Dinosaur is very informative and appreciated.

    As for the service, thanks to Mike and his incredible time for the excellent service and delivery. Living in Spain I was a bit worried about duties fees, but nothing unexpected happened and the item arrived perfectly well. Will buy from here again for sure, 10/10.

  2. Oleg L. (verified owner)

    This is the most amazing model I have ever seen. I don’t know if it’s actually possible to do better. Deinosuchus looks like it’s alive. Detailing is top-notch. Just bravo. I take my hat off to the creators.
    Special thanks to Everything Dinosaur for the fast delivery!

  3. Izhak Evenor (verified owner)

    Deinosuchus was probably the largest and most fearsome crocodylian that ever lived (10-12 meters, 5-8.5 tonnes), big and powerful enough to prey upon large dinosaurs, which co-existed with it in North America of the Campanian age (80-73 MYA).

    Despite being an awesome creature, there was no high-quality model/figure of it, except for the old Safari Ltd Carnegie line, which was of toy level. Rebor’s Deinosuchus is a very high-quality display figure with amazing details and neat coloring and is pretty accurate (there are some issues with the osteoderms). The articulated upper jaw adds to the model and you can posture it either gaping for maximal menace or closed for safer carrying. Besides being top quality, large and spectacular, it has the added bonus of the form of a severed head and torso of an Appalachiosaurus (a medium theropod from North America), which you can put in the Deinosuchus’ jaw to munch at will.
    It is probably one of Rebor’s finest models and definitely the best crocodylian model there is. I highly recommend it, in both color schemes (the olive-green swamp scheme and the dark grey estuary scheme).

    As for the service, again – it was fast and excellent. The models arrived pretty quickly with no issues or problems. The Everything Dinosaur fact sheet is a welcomed addition and may help people better know the “King of Crocodylians”, one of the most amazing but overlooked animals.

  4. Nicola Main (verified owner)

    An absolutely stunning model! As soon as I saw the photo of it on Facebook I knew I had to get it! The design and craftsmanship to this is exquisite and it looks so real! I highly recommend this for any prehistoric model collector.

    Thanks again for such excellent service and super fast delivery.

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