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The Rebor adult Deinosuchus estuary colour variant. The Rebor 1:35 Adult Deinosuchus hatcheri Museum Class Replica Deluxe Pack Meta estuary version. A fantastic Rebor Deinosuchus supplied complete with an Everything Dinosaur Deinosuchus fact sheet.

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A Rebor adult Deinosuchus estuary colour variant. The Rebor 1:35 adult Deinosuchus hatcheri Museum Class Replica Deluxe Pack Meta estuary version with an articulated jaw, poseable tail tip and an Appalachiosaurus carcase accessory.

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The outer packaging for this figure has been damaged in transit to our warehouse and is not the usual standard.

3 reviews for Rebor Adult Deinosuchus Estuary

  1. assassinspino (verified owner)

    I think I have no doubt that this piece is one of the best that REBOR has released to date and the best representation of deinosuchus on the market.

    Although it is not free from certain errors, for those less knowledgeable on the subject, the figure presents slight anatomical flaws compared to what we know of the terrible crocodile, such as a number of osteoderms that do not correspond to those of the animal, or having 5 claws instead. out of 3, but… That doesn’t matter in the slightest, this figure is outstanding in all its aspects, at times it seems that it is going to start to move, the amount of detail it has is outstanding, without a doubt one of my favorite pieces Just take into account a slight flaw in the figure and that is that the articulated jaw, when opened, can scrape the area of the neck, but taking the corresponding care, there should be no major problem, it can even be overlooked next to the detail and brightness of the figure itself.

    My absolute 10 to both REBOR for bringing us this figure and to the Everything Dinosaur team for their great service!!!

    (Creo no tener duda alguna en que esta pieza es de las mejores que a sacado REBOR hasta la fecha y la mejor representación de deinosuchus en el mercado.

    Aunque no se libra de ciertos errores, para los menos enterados en el tema, la figura presenta ligeros fallos anatómicos respecto a lo que sabemos del cocodrilo terrible, como una cantidad de osteodermos que no corresponde con los del animal, o tener 5 garras en lugar de 3, pero… Eso no importa en lo mas mínimo, esta figura es sobresaliente en todos sus aspectos, en momentos pareciera que va a empezar a moverse, la cantidad de detalles que tiene es sobresaliente, sin duda una de mis piezas favoritas, solo tener en cuenta un ligero fallo de la figura y es que la mandíbula articulada al abrirla, puede llegar a raspar la zona de la nuca, pero teniéndole el cuidado correspondiente, no debería haber mayor problema incluso puede llegar a pasarse por alto junto al detalle y brillo de la propia figura.

    Mi absoluto 10 tanto para REBOR por traernos esta figura como para el equipo de Everything Dinosaur por su gran servicio!!! )

  2. Luke Finch (verified owner)

    Rebor knocks it out of the park again with this brilliant 1/35th scale model of the late cretaceous crocodilian Deinosuchus. The detail is something else and is exactly like a real living crocodilian. The colouration on this estuary version is very reminiscent of an American Alligator which is appropriate as Deinosuchus is now considered by paleontologists to be more closely related to gators than to crocodiles. As the model is 1/35th scale it would depict a 50 foot animal which is considerably larger than the 33 to 40 feet which is considered the maximum by most paleontologists but is not beyond the realms of possibility. For example the average maximum size of the saltwater crocodile is between 14 and 17 feet yet individuals well in excess of 20 feet are well documented and authenticated. In fact there are unconfirmed historic reports of salties reaching 30 plus feet. An individual reputed to be 33 feet long was reported from the Segama river, North Borneo some time in the 1920s ( more info can be found in The Guinness Book of animal facts and feats by Gerald L Wood). All in all I cannot recommend this model enough and I’m excited for the forthcoming Sarcosuchus also by Rebor. An absolute must have for any crocodile as well as any prehistoric animal fanatic.

  3. kristofferjones (verified owner)

    Another great model from Rebor and at a great scale to display. Not silly big but definitely something of note to have in your collection.

    Great sculpt, Tail seam when attached is barely visible and the poor Appalachiosaurus ‘chunk’ is equally well crafted. Nice and heavy, quality item.

    Tiny niggle and it’s more down to personal taste but I would have liked the gloss treatment to me a little more sporadic, almost like streaks of water with dry/drying patches, just for variation as the all over gloss can look a little plasticky in certain light. Not a hard thing to change with some matt varnish so not really a concern and more of a personal taste thing.

    If you like Rebors stuff, you’ll love this!

    Excellent service from Everything Dinosaur as always 🙂

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