Megalodon Shark Soft Toy (Great White Shark)

///Megalodon Shark Soft Toy (Great White Shark)

Megalodon Shark Soft Toy (Great White Shark)


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A shark soft toy, a Great White Shark which was the closest we could find to a soft toy Megalodon shark. Complete with Megalodon fact sheet. A Great White soft toy shark, we have had so many requests for a Megalodon-like shark soft toy that the Great White shark soft toy was the closest we can find.

4 in stock


A soft toy shark just like Megalodon! Hand-crafted, sponge washable, cuddly shark soft toy. Soft toy includes Megalodon fact sheet written by the experts at Everything Dinosaur. A soft toy shark. In response to requests for a Megalodon, a soft toy shark, a Great White soft toy shark, the closest prehistoric shark soft toy we could find!

Shark soft toy is made from super soft material, lovely!

Additional information


Length 38 cm




Car-CHAR-row-don meg-a-low-don (sharpen, huge tooth)

1 review for Megalodon Shark Soft Toy (Great White Shark)

  1. white shark☆

    I love sharks.
    I was going to buy it from Japan.

    This ancient shark Megalodon is made very well. Shark’s detail and mouth have teeth, and have power. However, the softness of this commodity made a lovely expression and it liked it. Touch is very good because it is made from a very soft material.

    Megalodon that hits ancestor of modern Great White Shark. Shark’s world extends.


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