Eofauna Deinotherium

Eofauna Deinotherium


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A fantastic, museum quality replica of a Deinotherium by Eofauna. A wonderful Eofauna Scientific Research Deinotherium model.

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An amazing Deinotherium model in 1:35 scale. A fantastic, museum quality model of a prehistoric elephant. An Eofauna Scientific Research Deinotherium model.

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2 reviews for Eofauna Deinotherium

  1. Randeep (verified owner)

    Perfect proboscidean. Superlative service. 10/10

  2. William Shields (verified owner)

    Eofauna Deinotherium giganteum.
    This will be the benchmark for any future releases for the other mega-fauna models of the Deinotheriidae from the other companies.
    As with the previous three releases from Eofauna just the quality and Scientific accuracy alone is just breath taking their trademark.

    Great size and there is good heft to the “HoeTusker” when in hand and legs nicely posed and as for colour and texture it is as tho you have a tiny living Elephant within your grasp so natural looking.

    As expected from the team at Eofauna no tiny details are missed from the painted teeth to the toe nails to the swish of black hair on the tail to the pair of magnificent lower jaw hoe like tusks used for striping bark or tickling a calf in life.

    Stout Straight robust legs that captures the how great the weight the living animal must have been and bore in it daily life as males ranging from 10-12 tonnes an extant Elephants would have looked as a teenage sub-adult side to side.

    And in life a very a long long back getting higher towards the front shoulders from the back hips as seen in this figure typical of Deinotheriums.

    The way the tip of classical short Deinotheriidae trunk is curled is
    very special and reminds me of a wonderful illustration painted by the legendary paleoartist Zdeněk Burian of the first Deinotherium I ever seen as a child is of a Cow & Calf with the Bull standing guard. One can see the sheer raw power displayed within the short massive truck , maybe even greater strength then Mammoths, Elephants & Mastodons famillies.

    For those seeing their first. Deinotherium head this how we have all imaged and have come to love over the year an no other Proboscidea family has ever possessed such an unique head and profile and the width of the mouth opening is spot on as tho about eat or drink or call to others of the herd.

    And the ears are just perfect and correct suits the character of the Deinotherium’s head to a tee.

    And now for those eyes they capture the true soul of the entire Proboscidea Family far old and far wiser then those noisy hairy little Upright apes they would scare,upon the early plains and watering holes of Africa those millions years ago in and later encounter their descendents in the valleys and forests of the Caucasus Mountains.

    Eofauna’s Deinotherium giganteum is going to light up YouTube with reviews in the next few days.
    It may be the Terrible Beast in name only but a Beautiful Beast to own.

    Remember this for all those considering purchasing any Eofauna figures such scientific accuracy and such painstalking works are more then just models they are the true essence of what makes us all Love Palaeontology to glimpse the Ancient Titans that once owned our world cherish all our living Titans.

    Thus the more we all support Eofauna in their works the more magnificent wonders we will have the honour to add to our collections.

    And I must thank Sue & Mike and the entire team for their excellence in customer service and P&P and wonderful varied stock of from a T-rex figure to replica tooth.

    P.s An if you listen very carefully you can hear the foot fall of their fifth figure coming our way very very soon “Atlasaurus imelakei”.

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