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A CollectA Neovenator scenting prey dinosaur model. A wonderful CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Popular range Neovenator scenting prey.

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The CollectA Neovenator scenting prey dinosaur model. Hand-painted and very detailed the CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Neovenator scenting prey.

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  1. Claude

    The model is small and brightly coloured with a nice wash of paint on the body. Since the pose is scenting prey, the mouth is closed and it has lips and so no teeth are visible. This makes this probable top predator in its area and time less fearsome than if the mouth was opened showing teeth. The Dino Data Sheet provides interesting information on the fossil discovery, size, time and place of living as well as speculations of scientists based on skull morphology on the very acute sense of smell for tracking prey or finding carcasses of dead animals upon which it could feed.

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