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Dinosaur Party Cakes

Why not create your very own Dinosaur Birthday Cakes and Biscuits for your Dinosaur Party

Here are some recipes for making your very own Dinosaur Birthday Cake plus recipes for Dinosaur Footprint Biscuits, Dinosaur Shortbread, Gingerbread and Dinosaur Chocolate Nests.  Simply scroll down the page to find the Dinosaur themed recipes and templates that you can download.

Dinosaur Party Supplies

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

A fun to make sponge cake shaped like a Dinosaur – an ideal Dinosaur Birthday Cake!

To make this cake you need the recipe and the dinosaur shaped templates.

Here is the Birthday cake recipe: Click here to view

Here is the Dinosaur shaped template: Dinosaur Shaped Template

Dinosaur Footprint Biscuits

Make your own chocolate covered dinosaur tracks with this simple biscuit recipe, everything you need is here, the recipe and the dinosaur footprint template for you to make your own dinosaur footprints.

Here is the Dinosaur Footprint Biscuits recipe: Footprints Recipe

Here is the Dinosaur Footprint template: Dinosaur Footprint Template

Dinosaur Chocolate Nests

A super recipe for budding palaeontologists, very easy to make cakes.

Here is the Dinosaur Chocolate Nests recipe: Dinosaur Chocolate Nests  for products such as Cookie cutters and Biscuit cutters scroll the pages of: Dinosaur Birthday Party Supplies

Shortbread Shaped Dinosaur Biscuits

A simple to follow recipe that requires the use of one of the cookie cutters available from Everything Dinosaur.

The biscuit cutters are easy to use and washable, ideal for making shortbread dinosaur cookies.

Here is the Dinosaur Shortbread Recipe: Dinosaur Shortbread Recipe

The biscuit cutters are robust, easy to handle and suitable for a variety of baking/making activities.

Here is the Tyrannosaurus rex Gingerbread recipe: Click here for the Gingerbread Recipe

Everything Dinosaur Recipes

  • How to make T. rex shaped gingerbread biscuits.

Tyrannosaurus rex Gingerbread Biscuits

  • How to bake dinosaur shortbread biscuits.

Dinosaur Shortbread Biscuits

  • A recipe for dinosaur footprint biscuits.

Dinosaur Footprint Biscuits

  • A simple recipe to make dinosaur chocolate nests

Dinosaur Chocolate Nests

  • How to make a dinosaur shaped birthday cake.

Dinosaur Birthday Cake