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Rebor Ceratosaurus dentisulcatus (Savage)


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A fantastic 1:35 scale replica of the fearsome Ceratosaurus. A superb edition to the Rebor model collection a Ceratosaurus dentisulcatus.

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A beautiful model of the fearsome Late Jurassic predator Ceratosaurus by Rebor. A fantastic 1:35 scale replica of Ceratosaurus. “Savage” has an articulated lower jaw and the Rebor Ceratosaurus is made from a composite of PVC and polystone. A wonderful model of a Ceratosaurus. Rebor Ceratosaurus dentisulcatus.

Additional information

Weight 745 g

14+ (A display piece, not a toy)


Length of model 27 cm, Height of head when on base 10.5 cm, Length of base 14 cm


ser-RAT-oh-sore-us (horned lizard)

4 reviews for Rebor Ceratosaurus dentisulcatus (Savage)

  1. Will (verified owner)

    This Ceratosaurus figure is fantastic, easily Rebor’s best to date, the sheer amount of detail is simply stunning. It is such a shame that this particular model has some of the worst standing issues of the range. This problem seems to be as a result of the right lower leg warping inwards towards the body, most notably at the ankle region. I managed to mostly correct this by using the hot water method, but it was still slightly warped, and still unsteady for its position on the stand, however by holding the right (rear) foot in position within the indentations and gently easing the left (front) into its place, there was the faintest hint of a “click” and both feet stayed in place. It is now much more secure than it was. Perhaps others may wish to try this method. Interestingly my figure arrived without the plastic leg-spacer, so I am not sure if this might have been old stock. For the model detail I will give this 5 stars, but for warping (possible old stock) issues I have to downgrade this to 3 overall

  2. Paleo Paul

    Purchased this model a couple of weeks ago and just had to get a review in. A masterpiece of the sculptors art in every sense of the word. These models by Rebor are so up to date with modern dinosaur reconstructions that they have true valuable educational value and would grace any museum display, let alone any collectors cabinet. The Ceratosaurus nicely captures the osteoderms (dermal armour) along the animals back. Also the model depicts the long upper jaw teeth which overlapped the lower jaw , giving the figure a menacing look even with its mouth closed! The base it stands on has moss, logs and even water in keeping with recent speculation that Ceratosaurus might have inhabited more swampy areas. The descriptive card which comes with the model gives valuable info along with the fact sheet provided by Everything Dinosaur. At last fans of the prehistoric have a brilliant resource to obtain this kind of quality material. Rebor Ceratosaurus and Everything Dinosaur, recommended without reservation!

  3. Carl (verified owner)

    Not much to add from the above review. The best sculpt from Rebor to date, and the paint job is exceptional. The base with the water effect is amazing! Okay, the animal may be a little big for 1/35th scale but looks great with the rest of my collection. I`m particularly pleased Rebor are putting a plastic spacer between the legs of their models now I presume to stop warping issues I`ve heard about. My Ceratosaurus has no warped legs because of this I guess, and stands very well without the base. Very well done Rebor. Looking forward to an Allosaurus in the future? (Please!)

  4. Rhiannon (verified owner)

    I’ve long awaited a replica that does justice to the Ceratosaurus genus, and this replica does not disappoint! As with all Rebor replicas the emphasis is very much on the visual impact of the piece, whilst attempting to make it convincing and realistic. The pose is predatory, fluid and very menacing. The colour scheme is beautifully applied and realistic, and built in such subtle layers it almost looks completely organic. I really have to hand it to the artists who paint Rebor replicas! The skin textures of the model are very varied and very coarse, giving it a very crocodilian and organic look. Whilst the textures are coarse there are a couple of subtle details such as slightly dislodged plates which suggest scarring, and help to give the replica further realism. The base is beautifully done, and makes it very easy to visualise this stunning Ceratosaurus stalking through its swampy home. It’s a very impressive, high quality model, beautifully and uncompromisingly well manufactured and an excellent showcase for Rebor! Exceptional.

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