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Wild Safari Nigersaurus Dinosaur Model


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A wonderful model of the bizarre dinosaur Nigersaurus. A beautiful model of this strange plant-eating dinosaur – Nigersaurus.

Great for imaginative, creative play.  The Wild Safari Prehistoric World Nigersaurus dinosaur model.

Out of stock


The Wild Safari Nigersaurus dinosaur model. A superb, hand-painted model of the dinosaur Nigersaurus. A scale model of the dinosaur Nigersaurus, known as the “lawn mower of the early Cretaceous”.  The Wild Safari Prehistoric World Nigersaurus dinosaur model.

Model is supplied complete with Everything Dinosaur fact sheet.

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Weight 175 g

nee-zehr-sore-us (Niger lizard)


Length 22 cm, Height at shoulder 9 cm



5 reviews for Wild Safari Nigersaurus Dinosaur Model

  1. cryptojohn

    very good model nice size colour and details.

  2. MattHunt (verified owner)

    Nigersaurus is rather endearing, even as a model it is easy to imagine it, and maybe a few friends for security, gently munching across the landscape, tail swishing from side to side. The spines down the back are nicely modelled, not too chunky and the end of the tail comes down to a nice whip. It is also nice to meet a model posed slightly differently and the paint scheme somehow fits with my idea of a gently browsing herbivore.

  3. Mark (verified owner)

    I have never come across this dino depicted in model form before! Nigersaurus is modelled and detail superbly! The colour schemes used on this dino really works well! The model is also posed with its heading closer to ground as if it were reching for some low lieing foliage! Over nice figure!

  4. funky_obali (verified owner)

    Impressive in size and details !
    An unusual look with its grazing pose.

  5. Prehistoric Times

    Wild Safari’s model has a frill along its back, known from other Sauropod fossils. The size of the figure makes it compatible with 1/40 scale model collections.

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