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A wonderful model of the “Terror Bird” Gastornis. A Wild Safari Dinos Gastornis model.

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The Wild Safari Gastornis. A model of Gastornis (Diatryma), a huge, flightless “Terror Bird”. A Wild Safari Dinos Gastornis model. A hand-painted model of the fearsome “Terror Bird” – Gastornis.

Additional information

Weight 70 g

Length 10.5 cm




Gas-torn-niss (Gaston's Bird)

6 reviews for Wild Safari Gastornis Model

  1. cepimax.13 (verified owner)

    attention terror bird collectors! grab one now! this figure is nice and soon its gonna be rare to find;)

  2. Hoatzin

    Amazing! Absolutely excellent model, very detailed for its small size! Love it!

  3. John

    The order arrived safely today – thanks for sending it so quickly and for packing it so well!

  4. Richard

    It’s a brilliant model of Gastornis. I am very happy with it. I have been very impressed by the quality of the models.

  5. cryptojohn

    what can i say i love this model

  6. Matthew (verified owner)

    This new Gastornis for the 2013 line by Wild Safari is excellent. The colours are great and the blue on the head is gorgeous on the model. This model makes me think its probably a male in the breeding season. The feet may be a bit enlarged but thats to help with balance. Looking past that minor flaw, this is a really great model. The colours are beautiful and the pose is awesome. You don’t see many Terror Bird models so its great to see a faithful and accurate model on a unique predator.

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