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Wild Safari Edmontosaurus Dinosaur Model


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A hand-painted, museum quality model of the dinosaur Edmontosaurus from Safari. A duck-billed dinosaur called Edmontosaurus.

8 in stock


The Wild Safari Edmontosaurus dinosaur model. A super quality model Edmontosaurus. Comes complete with Everything Dinosaur Edmontosaurus fact sheet.

Additional information

Weight 95 g

Ed-mon-toe-sore-us (Lizard from Edmonton)


Length 17 cm



5 reviews for Wild Safari Edmontosaurus Dinosaur Model

  1. Przemysław Zbigniew (verified owner)

    best model ever! the pose is amazing and the colours are just…. awesome!

  2. LouiseD

    Model came as described with a fact sheet. My nephew is very pleased to have a Edmontosaurus in his dinosaur collection now. Service was fantastic. Quick confirmation of my order and despatch was received. Brilliant service all round. Thank you

  3. Rhiannon (verified owner)

    Recent research has shown that at least one gender of this species bore an almost absurd, fleshy crest upon it’s head! Hadrosaurs are seriously under-represented in the model market, and this is a very good model, beautifully sculpted and subtly detailed with fine skin and the occasional raised tubercle to add texture. The colour scheme is very bold and eye catching. It’ll hold up well in any collection.

  4. Matthew (verified owner)

    This Edmontosaurus is the best hadrosaur model i’ve ever seen! It has the correct number of toes, great colour scheme and awesome pose. Would definately recommend.

  5. dinocleb

    amazing model of edmontosaurus, one of the largest and best-know of duck-billed dinosaurs. a brilliant model.

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