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Wild Safari Dinos Yutyrannus Model


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A wonderful model of the feathered Chinese Tyrannosaur called Yutyrannus. A Wild Safari Dinos Yutyrannus dinosaur model.

1 in stock

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A Wild Safari Dinos Yutyrannus dinosaur model by Safari Ltd. A splendid, hand-painted replica of a feathered Tyrannosaur. A Wild Safari Dinos Yutyrannus model.

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Length 21 cm approx. Height of head crest 8 cm.




Yew-tie-ran-us (Feathered Tyrant)

3 reviews for Wild Safari Dinos Yutyrannus Model

  1. Shanice De Bie (verified owner)

    I love it, I honestly feel that the picture you get to see above is nothing compared to holding it in your hands. The details are done so well on this figurine <3 I love this fluffy beast!

  2. Nanuq

    The Safari Yutyrannus is not a very large figure, but it is definitely the best figure of this genus! Beautiful sculpted details and lots of feathers, I love it!

  3. Endymion

    The other Yutyrannus figure is extremely inaccurate, and costs about 5 times as much. This one is much more accurate at an extremely affordable price. Detailing is very good, and the paint job was well done. The sculpt lacks any articulation, however. Good for the price, and the best you can get for this dinosaur currently.

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