Wild Safari Dinos Elasmosaurus Model

Wild Safari Dinos Elasmosaurus Model


4 in stock

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A fantastic Wild Safari Dinos Elasmosaurus. A model of the long-necked marine reptile Elasmosaurus.

4 in stock


A hand-painted, high quality Wild Safari Dinos Elasmosaurus model. A super model of a marine reptile, an Elasmosaurus model, great for creative play.

Additional information


ee-las-mo-sore-us (thin plated reptile)


Length 25 cm



1 review for Wild Safari Dinos Elasmosaurus Model

  1. Matthew

    The new Wild Safari Elasmosaurus is probably one of the best marine reptile models ever made. The detail is amazing, each tooth looks individually painted, and there is a cloaca opening underneath. The neck looks as if its swimming through a school of fish which makes this model seem alive. Wild Safari should be again praised for making excellent models.

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