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Wild Safari Dinos Archaeopteryx Model


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A Wild Safari Dinos Archaeopteryx model by Safari Ltd. A superb Archaeopteryx replica based on some of the latest research on “ancient wing”.

4 in stock

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A beautiful and hand-painted Wild Safari Dinos Archaeopteryx model by Safari Ltd. Based on some of the latest research, this is a splendid replica of an Archaeopteryx. A model of an Archaeopteryx by Safari Ltd.

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Length 11.5 cm approx. Height of head 6.5 cm. Wingspan 12 cm




Ah-key-op-ter-rix (ancient wing)

3 reviews for Wild Safari Dinos Archaeopteryx Model

  1. Archy

    An amazing looking toy. Scientifically correct, detailed toy, a good looking toy.

  2. Rhiannon

    An excellent and suitably characterful depiction of the iconic Archeopteryx, as glossy as a magpie and just as bird like. This is a very high quality model, beautifully designed and painted; the metallic touches are a nice detail and the bright eyes have a real lively look in them. Superb!

  3. Martin

    This model is very nice. The head has some nice details like the beautiful eyes. The general black feather coloration is probably reflecting the real color of the Archaeopteryx according newest research work. The legs are nice made with the upper claw and in a good proportion to the body. The wings are made out of a hard material and have some very nice metallic bluish coloration at the top. The pose is not so “dramatic like the Papo Archaeopteryx ones but some details are more realistic compared to the Papo model eg.the legs and the feet are slimmer and better. A must for a “Feather Dino” collector

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