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Wild Safari Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Model


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A super quality model of the Jurassic predator Ceratosaurus. A hand-painted, museum quality model of Ceratosaurus. A Wild Safari Ceratosaurus dinosaur model.

3 in stock


The Wild Safari Ceratosaurus dinosaur model. A model of the fercious Ceratosaurus. A Wild Safari dinosaurs Ceratosaurus model. Wild Safari Ceratosaurus is supplied with an Everything Dinosaur fact sheet.

Additional information

Weight 95 g



ser-RAT-oh-sore-us (horned lizard)


Length 20 cm

5 reviews for Wild Safari Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Model

  1. Ray (verified owner)

    When i received this model i was surprised at just how much detail was on it, the skin texture is amazing. As a dinosaur collector i like to try and scale up my model as they may have been when they were alive. This ceratosaurs is a brilliant size a small deadly carnivorous. I highly recommend this model. The service from ED is amazing too very friendly and helpful

  2. Przemysław Zbigniew (verified owner)

    I got it today, it’s a nice my model my first Wild Safari model. Here on Iceland you can’t get any Wild Safari models. I also got the prehistoric shark tube. The Ceratosaurus model is my favourite, and the Ceratosaurus is my favourite dinosaur. Thanks Everything Dinosaur.

  3. Dinofan (verified owner)

    Cette superbe reproduction d’un théropode carnivore séduit par la richesse des détails et la finition générale. Très beau modèle!
    This beautiful reproduction of a carnivorous theropod seduced by the richness of details and general finishing . Very beautiful model!

  4. Rhiannon (verified owner)

    Ceratosaurus is a favourite dinosaur of mine, and sadly under-represented in the model market! So I was over the moon to find this little model, and it doesn’t disappoint. There’s a lot of detail, from skin texture and folds, to the superbly sculpted inside of the mouth, to muscles and osteoderms down the flanks. The colour could perhaps have been a little more varied and better applied, but it does an admirable job of representing Ceratosaurus’s reptilian features. The pose, paused mid-stride with jaws parted and tail raised, makes this model look active and menacing, and overall, the whole production of the model is of a very high quality.

  5. cryptojohn

    nice model good details but would be better if it was twice the size

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