Tenontosaurus (Procon Dinosaurs and Collecta Dinosaurs)

///Tenontosaurus (Procon Dinosaurs and Collecta Dinosaurs)

Tenontosaurus (Procon Dinosaurs and Collecta Dinosaurs)


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A hand-painted, high quality model of Tenotosaurus, a rare model of a Hypsilophodont dinosaur. A super quality model from the Procon dinosaurs and Collecta dinosaurs ranges.

8 in stock


A highly detailed model of a Tenontosaurus, a plant-eating dinosaur. A super model of Tenontosaurus, great for creative, imaginative play. A fantastic dinosaur model, a CollectA Tenontosaurus dinosaur model.

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Ten-on-toe-sore-us (Tendon lizard)


Length 15 cm

3 reviews for Tenontosaurus (Procon Dinosaurs and Collecta Dinosaurs)

  1. cryptojohn

    Very nice model, shame it’s a little small but I’m glad I have him.

  2. James

    And thankfully its a very good one. Procon are very random with their models. Some look like ridiculous grinning cartoon versions, whilst ohers like this are impressive, especially given their great value. Excellent and speedy service.

  3. George’s mum

    I originally bought 8 dinos and was so impressed with the personalised e-mails, well packaged / great quality products when posted the next day, and to top it all the fact sheet that comes with every dino, for those hard to answer questions (but what did he eat? how big was he? ) etc.
    The amazing quality of the models and the fact I have been unable to find such a large selection of ‘named’ dinos anywhere on the internet have meant I then purchased another 17! You just don’t get this standard of service or this large range of models anywhere else…..all that and the price is unbeatable too!!!

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