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Schleich Allosaurus


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A superb, hand-painted model of the fearsome predator Allosaurus from Schleich of Germany. A Schleich World of History Allosaurus dinosaur model.

1 in stock


A wonderful model of the Jurassic predator Allosaurus with articulated jaws from Schleich. A Schleich Allosaurus, a Schleich World of History Allosaurus dinosaur model.

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al-oh-sore-us (different lizard)


Length 16 cm, Height of head 10 cm



1 review for Schleich Allosaurus

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This is a very unusual model which resembles Allosaurus only very loosely! I’m not sure where the inspiration for the head in particular has come from, but it looks a little more like Carcharodontosaurus. Overall, the model’s pose is quite menacing and monstrous, with its frightening, shark-like black eyes, gaping maw, grey muzzle, arched neck with emphasised neck-folds, and grasping claws. I suspect the feet are over-sized to maintain the balance of the model, which gives it a rather chicken-like appearance. A nightmare-chicken, at that!! The paintwork is quite muted in desert shades of brown and grey, and the model has a slightly rubbery feel, whilst being solid and robust. This model won’t win any prizes for scientific accuracy as it is almost a modern evolution of the monstrous creations of the great Ray Harryhausen! But this is where its charm lies, and I am very pleased to welcome this bizarre, old-skool model to my collection!

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