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Safari Prehistoric Sealife Toob (Tube)


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Ten different models of prehistoric animals that lived in the sea. Liopleurodon, Ichthyosaurus, Mosasaurs, Nothosaurus, Basilosaurus, prehistoric turtles – a great model assortment, from the team behind the Carnegie dinosaur models.

11 in stock


A set of ten prehistoric animals that lived in the sea in a handy storage tube. The prehistoric crocodile Metriorhynchus, Elasmosaurus, prehistoric sharks and turtles, Plesiosaurs, Pliosaurs, Mosasaurs, even a model of the giant whale predator Basilosaurus. A super model collection, all approved by the scientists at the Safari Carnegie palaeontologists, the team behind the Carnegie Dinosaur collection.

Additional information

Weight 155 g



Average size 8 cm approx


Colour of models may vary from shown.

5 reviews for Safari Prehistoric Sealife Toob (Tube)

  1. dinocleb

    amazing toob of the ten most fantastic sea creature’s thet have ever lived. a must have for any collectors set.

  2. Mrs Mason

    A very helpful site for older surfers looking for requests from grandchildren, the advice given to me by the person I contacted was very useful.

  3. Tracey

    Very good, quick delivery – Thank you.

  4. funky_obali (verified owner)

    Great and dynamic mini-figures ! All from different species except for two short-necked plesiosaurs : whale, shark, long-necked plesiosaur, turtle-like reptile, ichthyosaur, crocodile, semi-aquatic/amphibian creature, mosasaur, there’s something for everyone ! Nice glossy finish which gives a “wet skin” look.

  5. Kim

    Everything about this site is great – I loved the wide range of products (especially the marine dinos). My order was followed by a personal email and very efficient delivery. Thank you!

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