Wild Safari Dinos Tapejara Model (Pterodactyl)

///Wild Safari Dinos Tapejara Model (Pterodactyl)

Wild Safari Dinos Tapejara Model (Pterodactyl)


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A hand-painted, museum quality model of the flying reptile Tapejara. An amazing toothless Pterosaur with a bizarre crest on the back of its head.

A fantastic scale model of this flying reptile, great for creative, imaginative play.

4 in stock


A scale model of the Pterosaur Tapejara. A hand-painted model of the flying reptile Tapejara, from the Walking with Dinosaurs series.

This replica is part of the Wild Dinos model series, a wonderful model of a Pterosaur, a flying reptile from the Cretaceous.

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Wingspan 23 cm




Tap-eh-jar-ah (The Old Being)

3 reviews for Wild Safari Dinos Tapejara Model (Pterodactyl)

  1. danielse (verified owner)

    A really good one!
    Liked it very much, especially its colors.

  2. Rhiannon (verified owner)

    This has to be, without a scrap of doubt, one of the best pterosaur models in production and probably ever made. The sculpt is superb and the paint scheme is very well thought out and beautifully applied. An absolute gem in any collection!

  3. Prehistoric Times

    The crest is broad and colourful and this Safari reconstruction utilises the modern finds indicating that at least some Pterosaurs had a downy insulation. Has the well defined torso muscles covered with downy insulation.

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