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REBOR Yutyrannus huali (Y-REX) Dinosaur Model


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The first replica in the Rebor prehistoric animal model collection. This superb, highly detailed, 1:35 scale model of the Tyrannosaur called Yutyrannus huali. A fantastic collectors piece.

Out of stock


A beautiful model of the feathered Tyrannosaur called Yutyrannus huali by Rebor. A fantastic Yutyrannus replica for dinosaur model collectors. The Rebor Yutyrannus has an articulated lower jaw and this dinosaur has been moulded as a single piece using advanced modelling techniques, hence no seams on the figure so all the details, based on the latest research, can be seen. Model comes with a presentation base made of sturdy polystone. A perfect display piece for a dinosaur enthusiast or model collector.

Part of the Rebor collection of prehistoric animal replicas.

Additional information

Weight 850 g

14+ (A display piece, not a dinosaur toy)


Length of dinosaur 26.8 cm, Height of head 14 cm approx. (on base) 12.8 cm approx. (off base) Depth of base 3 cm approx.


Yew-tie-ran-us (Feathered Tyrant) 1:35 scale

9 reviews for REBOR Yutyrannus huali (Y-REX) Dinosaur Model

  1. 4912795887

    i just wish i got but no more love it but in my opinion we need more of them

  2. James

    A really good model. It is very lifelike, it is beautiful and I really like it!

  3. tuppa08 (verified owner)

    Amazing model with great detail. I was left staring at it when I opened it up.This being my first Rebor collectable, I am very impressed with the quality of their dinosaur. Quick shipping and great experience, I highly reccomend!

  4. Chiar

    Fast shipping, awesome model, really detailed! I’m so happy with this purchase!

  5. Edmontosaurus

    This model may be to a high quality but for an animal which should be covered in feathers it is practically naked. Clearly Rebor do not have accuracy as a high priority, as a look at their other models confirms. More feathers please! After all, this is 2016, it’s time

  6. Janet

    The dinosaur arrived safe and sound this morning. I’m sure our grandson who is fanatical about them will be thrilled to bits when he opens the box on Christmas day!

    Many thanks for the obvious care you have taken with the order.

  7. Roger (verified owner)

    What can I say. This model is superb down to the very last detail.The Yutyrannus is just about as accurate as you can get when it comes to the current information we have about this animal. The sculpt is finely detailed and the posture gives it a fluid realistic feel. The paint is exceptional with a slightly matted finish adding to the realism. My initial thought was that the price was a little steep when you compare it to other models of the same size from Papo but when he is placed on the polystone base that comes with it he truly stands apart from other vinyl museum quality models. I can’t recommend this one enough if you are an avid collector. The Rebor T Rex is out next month so that is my Christmas present to myself sorted.

    Thanks to Everything Dinosaur for always coming up trumps with price , easy ordering and super fast delivery. See you next month for my T Rex.

  8. Peter

    Just Wow!.

  9. Rhiannon

    The first in the line of products by Rebor doesn’t disappoint. The whole package oozes quality, from the box sleeve, to the gorgeous and conveniently photo-sized fact card which will fit a frame perfectly. The details of the model are excellent. It stands easily on its own two accurately proportioned feet, which are actually positioned almost in line with each other; a nice detail on this tyrannosauroid, as recently discovered footprints of its famous relative were also in line! Rebor have tried to make this superbly detailed model as accurate as current information allows. Some may argue it’s not feathered enough, but this does not detract from the overall quality of the model. The colour choice is muted but interesting, beautifully applied and effective. The model is sleek, there’s nothing clumsy or awkward about its pose; it really looks alert, menacing and on the prowl. Rebor have tried to make it as anatomically correct as current research allows, and this model is aimed at dedicated collectors. I just know I’m going to be one of them!

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