Rebor War Pig Ankylosaurus (Woodland)

///Rebor War Pig Ankylosaurus (Woodland)

Rebor War Pig Ankylosaurus (Woodland)


26 in stock

(3 customer reviews)

A superb 1:35 scale replica of Ankylosaurus (War Pig) with a Woodland colour scheme. A spectacular Rebor War Pig Ankylosaurus.

26 in stock


A fantastic Rebor 1:35 scale Ankylosaurus figure (War Pig). A beautiful Rebor Ankylosaurus with a flexible tail. The Rebor 1:35 scale Ankylosaurus (Woodland) dinosaur model.

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Assembly Instructions

Carefully push the flexible tail into the socket ensuring it is fully locked and secured. When the tail is correctly installed there should be no gap between the tail and the body.

3 reviews for Rebor War Pig Ankylosaurus (Woodland)

  1. Béla (verified owner)

    My woodland War Pig arrived nice and well, as usual, within a week. Really good iteration of Ankylosaurus magniventris (or Euoplocephalus, as some might argue), the figure is surprisingly big and heavy, but very beautifully painted. No complaint on this side.
    The only disadvantage is the movable tail. The joining gap is too visible, it taints the otherwise wonderful replica.
    Nevertheless, 5 stars. Keep up the production of promised herbivores, Rebor!

  2. J.Tubman (verified owner)

    Had high expectations for this figure, and they were exceeded. the paint-job is completely flawless and the pictures don’t do this colourscheme justice.

    The figure is also larger than it appears and reassuringly heavy. the stance feels lifelike on the shelf and displays beautifully, helped by the range of poses offered by the flexible tail and articulated jaw.
    this is a wonderful model from Rebor and appears to represent a step up from their already high quality previous releases. Strongly recommend.

  3. vandijkhb (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, and beautiful rendition of the ankylosaurus. I love it. Can’t wait what Rebor brings next.

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