///Rebor Velociraptor Father and Son “Winston & Stan” Limited Edition

Rebor Velociraptor Father and Son “Winston & Stan” Limited Edition


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A wonderful limited edition of two Velociraptor models by Rebor (Winston and Stan) in a bronze-like effect. Highly collectable dinosaur models from Rebor. A Limited edition, bronze-like Velociraptor model set (just 1,000 made).

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A limited edition (only 1,000 made) Rebor Winston and Stan Velociraptor set in a bronze-like effect. A Velociraptor “father and son” limited edition replica from Rebor. A fantastic piece for the discerning dinosaur model collector.

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vel-oh-see-rap-tor (speedy bird of prey)


Length of adult 15 cm approx. Height of head 8 cm approx. Length of juvenile 8 cm approx. Height 5.5 cm approx. 1:18 scale replicas


14+ (A display piece, not a dinosaur toy)


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