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REBOR Utahraptor ostrommaysorum (Wind Hunter)


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An amazing 1:35 scale replica of the fearsome Utahraptor. Nicknamed “Wind Hunter” the Rebor Utahaptor has an articulated lower jaw and moveable arms.

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A super 1:35 scale replica of the largest “raptor” – Utahraptor by Rebor. A fantastic Utahraptor replica for dinosaur model collectors. The Rebor (Wind Hunter) has an articulated lower jaw as well as moveable arms and it is made from a composite of PVC and polystone.

Part of the Rebor collection of prehistoric animal replicas.

Additional information

Weight 460 g

14+ (A display piece, not a dinosaur toy)


Length of model 22 cm (1:35 scale). Height of head when on base 8 cm (height of base 2 cm)


YOO-tah-RAP-tor (robber from Utah)

6 reviews for REBOR Utahraptor ostrommaysorum (Wind Hunter)

  1. Mark Rundle (verified owner)

    have to admit to being very disappointed by this model.
    it was the first rebor model i have bought, and has put me off buying others.
    when i first got it i was very impressed with the packaging and appearance.
    however over time it seemed to be nose diving into the ground totally spoiling the appearance.
    as others have mentioned, the ankle which is used to support the model is not adequate.
    i have toyed with drilling a much deeper hole into its leg but am not sure this will do the job.
    so as it is, it is not strong enough to be a freestanding model, which for the money it costs is very disappointing.
    it does look good for a while,but really needs some redesign.

    • mike

      We can appreciate your comments. Think this model has been redesigned since your purchase in March 2015. One of our models has developed a lean too, we fixed this using a piece of clear plastic to add additional support to the trunk. We will email over our notes about this fix.

  2. Polar bear (verified owner)

    I’ve always had a special relationship to the Utahraptor. It began with the first Jurassic Park movie and was cemented by Bakker’s novel Raptor Red, a sleek quick and powerful hunter that made her way to the top of the food chain by means of her intelligence and her pack. Over the years I have read everything I have been able to find, which hasn’t been as much as I wanted. I’ve seen depictions, most have been outright depressing like Papo’s plucked chicken, but then I got my eyes on this beautiful model that catches the dynamics and strength of this agile and intelligent creature. I have it in my study and I just love it. It was expensive, but I would buy it again.

  3. Carl (verified owner)

    Another great sculpt from Rebor. Probably their best yet. Looks just like i imagined the Raptor family of dino`s would. Detail and paint finish are outstanding. This model can easily pass as a Velociraptor or Deinonychus, albeit in a different scale. I love the pose, which really does give the impression of speed. The only draw back is, like other reviewers have said is that the material used is far too weak to support the model on one leg and it started to go limp. I had to support the chest with some painted s/s rod, (see my Rebor TRex review). Problem solved. Rebor take note. I hope this doesn`t put Rebor off from producing models with more dynamic poses in future, rather than the same old poses we see time and again, but needs more thought in execution. Overall a brilliant model, including the base.
    P.S. I would love to see a 1/35th scale human figure produced (maybe in explorers clothes!) to give a sense of scale to these beasts.

  4. peter (verified owner)

    Rebor have produced another fantastic model, cant fault their models at all but can faulit their stands and this is probably the worst.
    If they are going to make models that are not free standing then they have to get the stands spot on. Unfortunately they didn’t with the first two, the t rex stand was rather non descript, the y rex you have to get a sweet spot for it to stand and easily falls and this one? Well the pins too short and the model leans, too much weight on one leg.
    I’ve overcome this by making dioramas for them all but if your not prepared to do this it may be a problem.
    Rebor are making superb quality models I just hope they listen to customers and start making stable stands and put pins in the legs of their models so they stand firmly

  5. liz

    Fantastic model, great seller, super fast shipping!

  6. Rhiannon

    The sculptor of this model has managed to make terrifying look natural, whilst remaining quite original. They have therefore achieved something that few other dinosaur model makers have! This is a very well conceived model which really manages to bring feathered dinosaurs to life whilst maintaining their monstrous reputation. The quality of the sculpt is the best to my eye in Rebor’s general range so far. Highly dynamic and filled with predatory intent in its pose, caught mid-sprint with those killer claws raised, and powerful forearms spread for steering or pouncing, depending on how you pose them. The feathers on the forearms are individually sculpted and painted. The whole paint scheme is very effective and realistic; the pale features of the face against the darker body highlight the jaws filled with small, knife-like teeth and the eyes, picked out in gold, reflect the light. A frightening effect! A slight wattle detail has been worked into the dull yellow throat which merges into the tough, scaly underside. White highlights decorate each individual pennaceous feather, and subtle, paler blue bands stripe the tail, against a dark, blue-black overall background with dull yellow and blue
    patterning. The base has been very well thought out and is of the same very high standard as the rest of the model. I have a minor concern about the strength of the left ankle, which is very slender, in supporting the model long-term long-term. However, there are always ways to overcome such things. So far, this is my favourite model in Rebor’s general range so far! Absolutely superb.

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