Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex “TUSK” King T-REX Requiem

Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex “TUSK” King T-REX Requiem


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The Tyrannosaurus rex “TUSK” King T-REX Requiem version. A wonderful model of a T. rex from Rebor. A fantastic Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex supplied complete with an Everything Dinosaur T. rex factsheet.

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A Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex “TUSK” King T-REX Requiem version. A fantastic, detailed model of a Tyrannosaurus rex from Rebor. The Rebor 1:35 scale T. rex with an articulated jaw, articulated arms and a poseable tail. Model is supplied with a clear plastic support stand.

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The outer packaging for these figures has been damaged in transit to our warehouse and is not the usual standard.

3 reviews for Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex “TUSK” King T-REX Requiem

  1. Tom Juchau (verified owner)

    I love this model, excellent quality, like all of the rebor models it is accurate down to the last detail, the teeth seem to have a certain shimmer to them as if they are wet, which is my favourite detail. It is bulky and has a good neck, lots of other models make the base of a T rex neck really thin and the top thick, this is consistently a chunky neck, which seems more accurate to me. The eyes are small and beady, giving this rex a mean appearance, twinned with the fact it has thick sturdy legs and a long tail, this is definitely king of the display case for me!

  2. tomshaw2023

    Fantastic model, but…

    So this great, a fairly accurate T-Rex. It’s bulky, it’s not a Jurassic park copy that every companies obsessed with doing,. skull is near perfect, the detail is great. The we only thing that lets this model down is the tail seem. It’s huge, visible from the other end of the room. I understand that on a figure like this it can be hard to hide the seem with an absences of armour or skin folds. If you buy this figure I’d recommend buying some glue to fix the seem too. Other than that, it’s great

    • mike

      Thank you for your comment, we note your remark about the seam where the tail piece joins the body. We have emailed some helpful advice to ensure that you get a snug fit between these two pieces.

  3. thewolfking.steve (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful accurate model well made and impeccable details some ppl have had big seam lines when attaching the tail but if you dip the end into hot water and use a bit of force it attaches beautifully the model is heavy and has a decent gurth the face is not shrink wrapped and the details in the mouth are beautiful this goes to for kiss whom I also brought worth every penny

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