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Rebor Male Triceratops Trident King


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The Rebor Male Triceratops Trident King 1:35 scale dinosaur model. A wonderful model of a Triceratops from Rebor. A fantastic Rebor Triceratops supplied complete with an Everything Dinosaur Triceratops factsheet.

32 in stock


A Rebor Male Triceratops Trident King. A fantastic, detailed model of a Triceratops from Rebor. The Rebor 1:35 Alpha Male Triceratops horridus “Trident” King version. A Triceratops dinosaur model with an articulated jaw.

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The outer packaging for this figure has been damaged in transit to our warehouse and is not the usual standard.

3 reviews for Rebor Male Triceratops Trident King

  1. haris_masood

    Fantastic model. I have quite a few models in my collection now (around 20) that include models from PNSO, Schleich, Safari, and a few others, and I can say without a doubt that Rebors models are by far my favorite. This is my second favorite model, second only to the KISS T-Rex. If you are a collector, this is a must-get.

  2. Maurizio

    Whether you are a hardcore collector like me or a beginner, this model is an absolute must for you to add to your collection. This is by far the best depiction of Triceratops,
    everything about this model is just superb. The size of this model is very impressive which is a big plus because it will standout wherever the collector decide to display it, it can even be displayed on its own and will still have a presence. One of the best features this model has is its paint job, it is vibrant and very professionally done, it has a nice weight to it too, which is another big plus because it simply means the quality and stability of this model are very good. Last but not least is the overall look of this Triceratops model, it has a very intimidating and tough look (as a Triceratops model should look like), the price of this model is very reasonable when you consider the high quality and the size of this model. Photos just don’t do justice of how well made this model is, you have to see it in hand to appreciate how superb it is.

  3. Matthew (verified owner)

    Rebor aced it with this one! The sculpt, detail and paint job are fantastic – truly representing the power and potential ferocity of a Triceratops.

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