///Rebor Dimorphodon Punch and Judy Set

Rebor Dimorphodon Punch and Judy Set


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The Rebor Dimorphodon model set (Punch and Judy). A fantastic pair of figures, a male and female Dimorphodon. The Rebor Dimorphodon Pterosaur set. Both models have articulated lower jaws.

27 in stock


The pair of Rebor Dimorphodon models (Punch and Judy). A male and female Dimorphodon model set that combine to make a fantastic model diorama.

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Wingspan of female 24 cm approx. Length of male Dimorphodon figure 18 cm approx. Total height of diorama 22 cm.


14+ (A display piece, not a toy)


Die-more-foe-don (Two Form Tooth)

1 review for Rebor Dimorphodon Punch and Judy Set

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Both of these pieces hold up very well on their own, but there’s no denying the impact of them as a set. The sculpt and paint quality are superb; the colours and patterning are very natural and totally flawless. Both pterosaurs have a gloss finish which makes them seem to shimmer with life. The eyes aren’t solid black; there’s a tiny, near-black iris in the eyes which furthers the realism and asserts Rebor’s attention to detail in the creation of these pieces. They’ve chosen not to depict Dimorphodon as the stereotypical fish eater, which is very refreshing, and they’ve represented it instead as an arboreal hunter of small game very convincingly. Although Rebor have stated that these pieces are intended to be “retro”, they seem a lot less kitsch than the rest of the range thus far. Overall, it’s high time that Dimorphodon, as a “pterosaurian A-lister” (Mark. P. Witton – Pterosaurs) had decent representation, and these models fulfill that function admirably! Absolutely superb and a collector’s must. Many thanks to the whole Everything Dinosaur for your exceptional service and warmth!

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