Rebor Deinonychus antirrhopus Trio (Cerberus Clan)

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Rebor Deinonychus antirrhopus Trio (Cerberus Clan)


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A trio of 1:35 scale Deinonychus dinosaurs, the Rebor “Cerberus Clan” Deinonychus model set.  Designed to accompany the Rebor Acrocanthosaurus and the Rebor Tenontosaurus corpse (sold separately) as part of a fantastic dinosaur diorama.

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A set of three, high quality resin models of Deinonychus by Rebor.  A trio of Deinonychus replicas, the Rebor “Cerberus Clan”.  A wonderful set of 1:35 scale Deinonychus models, as a stand alone group or used in conjunction with the Rebor Acrocanthosaurus and Tenontosaurus figures (sold separately) in a spectacular dinosaur diorama.  Each Rebor Deinonychus replica has an articulated jaw and forelimbs, some adjustment of which may be required to enable the model to stand.

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5 reviews for Rebor Deinonychus antirrhopus Trio (Cerberus Clan)

  1. tomjuchau52

    Brilliant, bendable bodies as well. My pack is enormous now, as I bought more than one pack, all from everything dinosaur a few years back, still look brand new, although the wire snaps after a while, so only bend when necessary. Everything Dinosaur delivered on time and with a little fact sheet, which actually makes the whole purchase far more enjoyable. Thank you everything dinosaur for a wonderful service, and for supplying me time and time again with these truly unique and lovable models that are well worth the price!

  2. Jetoar

    Wonderful pack of hunters with bendeable bodies. One of the best figures of these species of the market ^_^.

  3. Chris Harrison (verified owner)

    I have bought it and can’t wait to get it! You have a satisfied customer!

  4. René

    The dinosaurs is arrived. My son was very happy. We are super satisfied with the dinos. Thanks again for the quick response. Super support.

  5. Rhiannon

    These very dainty but beautifully produced little models all share the same detailed sculpt, but have individual colour schemes and a degree of movement in the jaws, necks, arms and tails which allows them to be placed in individual poses. The paint application on my trio is superbly applied, and the detail in the tiny mouths is most impressive. Given their size, they’re really quite well balanced and can stand alone without their bases (providing the wings are folded right back) which is a very pleasant surprise! They may not be as prone to warping as some larger models, because they’re so light, this remains to be seen. The lower jaws feel a little fragile, the arms detach and reattach quite easily, and this set must be treated gently. They really are a lovely representation of Deinonychus and would look great as an individual set, never mind as the final piece of the Hercules diorama! Rebor have a flair for the dramatic, and the completed diorama seems to be quite interesting even to those lacking an interest in dinosaurs. I do find them to be quite cute, but nonetheless a bit eerie, as predators often are. If they were available individually, I’d certainly add a couple more of the “Thrill” figure and expand the pack. As usual, the set contains a beautifully produced information card and each base includes the Deinonychus’s name and a picture of its skull. All round, a must-have! An excellent set.

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