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Pteranodon (Pterodactyl) Model


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Developed with the co-operation of the National Museum for Natural History in Stuttgart – a finely detailed 1:30 scale model of Pteranodon ingens – a huge flying reptile. A hand-painted model of Pteranodon.

6 in stock

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A wonderful scale model of the flying reptile Pteranodon, a Pterosaur. A hand-painted model of a Pteranodon one of the largest kinds of Pterosaur known.

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TAIR-an-oh-don (toothless flyer)


Wingspan 30 cm

1 review for Pteranodon (Pterodactyl) Model

  1. Rob

    Great Model of a flying reptile, I loved the hint of a throat pouch in this model, may be this fish eater had a throat pouch just like a pelican.

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