PNSO Zewail the Atopodentatus

PNSO Zewail the Atopodentatus


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PNSO Zewail the Atopodentatus. A fantastic marine reptile model by PNSO.

46 in stock

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A PNSO Zewail the Atopodentatus. A fantastic model of Atopodentatus by PNSO. The PNSO Zewail the Atopodentatus marine reptile model.

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1 review for PNSO Zewail the Atopodentatus

  1. Elizabeth Pendleton (verified owner)

    I think this is one of the best of the clutch of recent models I’ve bought from the PNSO line. Much as I love dinosaurs, it’s a treat when a non-dinosaur from the Mesozoic is made into a model – especially when the creature comes from the Triassic, which tends to get a bit overlooked. The story of how palaeontologists’ interpretation of the mouth of Atopodentatus changed as new material became available makes it an interesting genus. I also particularly like it when PNSO, a Chinese firm, makes models of animals from what is now China. Add to all that, it’s a real beauty! It has a wonderfully fluid and dynamic pose, that looks just like a snapshot from life. The colour scheme is exceptionally good, with a great balance between the more sober body stripes and the head patterning more suitable for display. Sometimes with models the skin texture can be over-emphasised but here it’s perfect for an aquatic animal: nice and sleekly smooth over most of the body, with plenty of little wrinkles to suggest movement, balanced by some rougher scales over its paddles. Overall there’s a lot of attention to detail – for instance the underside of the feet. Full marks to PNSO! And full marks to Everything Dinosaur for excellent service.

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