PNSO Qingge the Therizinosaurus

PNSO Qingge the Therizinosaurus


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PNSO Qingge the Therizinosaurus dinosaur model. A fantastic dinosaur model by PNSO. The Qingge the Therizinosaurus dinosaur model is supplied with an Everything Dinosaur Therizinosaurus fact sheet.

25 in stock

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A PNSO Qingge the Therizinosaurus dinosaur model. A fantastic model of a Therizinosaurus by PNSO complete with an animal poster and a 64-page, full-colour booklet. The PNSO Therizinosaurus dinosaur model has an articulated jaw.

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1 review for PNSO Qingge the Therizinosaurus

  1. William Shields (verified owner)

    “Qingge” is an example of how to execute accuracy within a scale figure. PNSO’s Therizinosaurus cheloniformis is the only version I’ll ever need to own. As for the Dominion fans who want to recreate the final battle but with scientific accurate dinosaurs, you can now once “Lucas” arrives and you are all set as long as you have a PNSO’s “Winter Wilson” Tyrannosaurus rex. Now let me take the final moments of my review to give praise where praise is due to Everything Dinosaur.

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