PNSO Duke the Spinops

PNSO Duke the Spinops


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PNSO Duke the Spinops. A fantastic Spinops dinosaur model by PNSO.

43 in stock

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A PNSO Duke the Spinops. A fantastic model of Spinops by PNSO. Duke the Spinops by PNSO.

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2 reviews for PNSO Duke the Spinops

  1. Jurassic James (verified owner)

    Nicely done paint job and I like the fact he doesn’t quite look like many other ceratopsians as they haven’t found too much of the real dinosaur. I particularly like the area of the backbone which reminds me of todays elephants. Great pose also as if sizing up competition or protecting his family. Only reason for four stars is I feel the head could be with more detail.

    Great fast delivery as always.

  2. William Noad (verified owner)

    I love this spinops! Again i have to praise the sculpt on another PNSO model. The muscle definition on this spinops is fantastic and the color scheme shows it spectacularly. The horns aren’t bent unnaturally which im so thankful for. And what a beautiful and lifelike pose it has. Ceratopsians are among my favorite dinosaurs and this one is incredible. This has me coming back to PNSO and ‘Everything Dinosaur’ for their fantastic products and likewise fantastic service!

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