PNSO Connor the Torvosaurus Dinosaur Model

PNSO Connor the Torvosaurus Dinosaur Model


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PNSO Connor the Torvosaurus Dinosaur. A fantastic dinosaur model by PNSO.

7 in stock

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A PNSO Connor the Torvosaurus dinosaur model. A fantastic model of a Torvosaurus by PNSO. The Connor the Torvosaurus dinosaur model complete with an articulated jaw and a transparent stand.

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3 reviews for PNSO Connor the Torvosaurus Dinosaur Model

  1. Greg, Durham (verified owner)

    Ferocious looking beast with great looks and colour scheme. Nice to see a Torvosaurus available. Excellent addition to the collection. Amazing dinosaur model.

  2. s.a.w (verified owner)

    For me, the most beautiful model from the actual PNSO range with a absolute fantastic painting and man, I Love this pose very much.
    All details are shown accurate and the crest along the back looks fantastic.

    A must have for all theropod lovers.
    Another great 1:35 scale model from PNSO

  3. William Shields (verified owner)

    PNSO 2021 Torvosaurus tanneri “Connor”.
    1/35-1/38 Scale Model.
    Length: 11.5 inches.
    Height: 3.1 inches.
    Box: Standard white PNSO issue with the plastic stand & Beautiful booklet.

    Head: based upon Professor Scott Hartman’s reconstruction which gives the head a more lengthen & lower snout a wonderful Megalosauridae head but not in his rendering PNSO have given “Connor” a pair of lacrimal crests these are only seen in yet undescribed German specimen but they set the head of nicely. Fully articulated jaw filled with fantastic white teeth as is the norm no lips but the teeth outside set the mouth spot on great dewlap under his chin very natural. The pink tongue and a very detailed nasal passage finishes of the business end of Megalosauridae head.

    2021 has been a very busy year for the entire team at Everything Dinosaur from the lockdowns to the move to the new premises but not for one moment have they faltered their service and stocks only grow and we you friends and loyal customers salute you all and look forward to marvels and surprises of 2022.

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