PNSO Aaron the Young T. rex

PNSO Aaron the Young T. rex


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PNSO Aaron the young T. rex. A fantastic dinosaur model by PNSO.

29 in stock

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A PNSO Aaron the young Tyrannosaurus rex. A wonderful model of a young T. rex by PNSO Aaron the young Tyrannosaurus rex. PNSO Aaron the Young T. rex dinosaur model.

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2 reviews for PNSO Aaron the Young T. rex

  1. Billy Clarke (verified owner)

    Great packaging including a detailed booklet with a short story about Aaron the young T. Rex. The actual figure itself is of exceptional quality and a few of my friends actually questioned if it were a real animal when sat on the table. It’s of a nice size and includes great details like individually painted teeth, a realistic feathery texture to the plastic and lifelike glossy eyes

  2. Elizabeth Pendleton (verified owner)

    Generally I don’t buy T. rex models these days – I have far too many already. But this juvenile from PNSO was sufficiently different to tempt me. It’s cute and extremely appealing. The sculpt is accomplished and life like. I like the plausible mix of simple feathers on most of the youngster’s small body to retain heat, but a scaly chest and stomach. The chestnut colour scheme with banded tail reminds me of a Sinosauropteryx – but it looks good on a baby T. rex too. It will display well in my collection with its fellow, the young Sinoceratops, alongside the Rebor Triceratops and Stegosaurus hatchlings. But it would also work really well as a child’s toy – who could resist those huge, highly realistic eyes? It’s made of a robust plastic and feels very solid, so good for play as well as display. It comes with a very nicely printed colour foldout sheet with a short story, just a few paragraphs but imaginatively done. It’s carefully painted – just wish the tiny needle-thin teeth had been painted white! I should also say that it and the Sinoceratops arrived within 24 hours of placing my order. Everything Dinosaur provide a faultless and friendly service.

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