///Pegasus Hobbies Spinosaurus Kit

Pegasus Hobbies Spinosaurus Kit


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A solid PVC Spinosaurus dinosaur model kit in 1:24 scale. Create an amazing model of Spinosaurus with a captured Xiphactinus (prehistoric fish). A wonderful 1:24 scale Spinosaurus model kit for you to assemble and paint.

9 in stock


A PVC vinyl kit of Spinosaurus in 1:24 scale. Kit includes Spinosaurus (11 pieces), prehistoric fish (Xiphactinus – 6 pieces) and detailed display base. A superb Spinosaurus dinosaur model for you to assemble and paint. Paint and glue not included.

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Model measures 51 cm approx. (1:24 scale)




spy-no-sore-us (thorn lizard)

2 reviews for Pegasus Hobbies Spinosaurus Kit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    andrew (verified owner)

    this model kit is of sideshow dinosauria quality the sculpt is even sharper in the teeth than the promo photos and unlike previous review the head fits perfectly the base and standing leg are of a more rigid plastic than the rest of the kit to hold the model rigidly when assembled i owned the papo spinosaur but gave it to a friends boys along with my papo and carneige dinosaurs as they were not of display standards but make no mistake this will impress the most discerning of collectors it truly is a fantastic model of sideshow collectable quality

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ant (verified owner)

    “amazing” “wonderful” “superb”

    All the usual marketing hyperbole, right?

    But in this case, they’re well deserved. This *is* an excellent model.

    All the parts are well moulded in heavy vinyl, with very little distortion given their size and weight. The parts fit together very well, with tight, deep joints. I’ve only done a test push-fit of the main Spino parts so far, but the model stands on its base (which is moulded from a harder vinyl) very stably.

    When glued and pushed together fully, the joints shouldn’t need much if any filling. My only quibble is that the neck joint is a particularly tight fit, and I worry about damaging the head when I push it firmly home.

    The sculpt is very detailed (and the mould sharp with almost no discernible flash) and the pose dynamic.

    And Spino’s catch is vey nice model in its own right!

    My only serious reservation is the sail, which has an even, curved profile common to many smaller models (such as Papo’s), but different from recent paleontological reconstructions which show it as more trapezoidal and “ragged”.

    Nevertheless, I’m *very* pleased with it overall and look forward to putting it together properly and painting it.


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