Papo Tupuxuara Model

///Papo Tupuxuara Model

Papo Tupuxuara Model


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A super, hand-painted replica of the big crested Pterosaur known as Tupuxuara by Papo. A fantastic Papo Tupuxuara Pterosaur model.

14 in stock


A fantastic Papo Tupuxuara model. A wonderful, detailed model of a South American flying reptile called Tupuxuara by Papo. Amazing detail on this Tupuxuara Pterosaur replica

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Length 7.5 cm approx. Height of crest 6.5 cm




too-pooh-hwar-ah (familiar spirit)

2 reviews for Papo Tupuxuara Model

  1. lizziewriter (verified owner)

    Fierce and detailed … this little creature is caught in motion. From the hints of stripes on back and arms, to the angle of its tongue, this model is appealing indeed. What a great product line. Great service from Everything Dinosaur, too. Another thrilled customer!

  2. Rhiannon

    The amount of detail on this little model is entirely characteristic of Papo, but what really brings it to life is the pose and the utterly superb paintwork, which is possibly the best on any Papo model yet. There are so many subtle layers and colours, and they are blended seamlessly. Absolutely gorgeous, whilst remaining realistic! The model has very fine skin texture, pycnofibres would be very difficult to represent at this scale. The digitigrade stance may raise a few eyebrows, but in terms of sheer detail and artistry no other pterosaur model can compare. The dynamic, striding pose gives it a further sense of realism. The palate in the mouth is bird-like, and the tiny tongue is covered in little ridges. This figure is a vast improvement on Papo’s Pteranodon in terms of accuracy, and beats it hands down in detail, too! It’s another pycnofibre in Papo’s already very fuzzy cap..!

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