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Papo Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Model


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A hand-painted, museum quality model of the Cretaceous duck-billed dinosaur Parasaurolophus.

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A hand-painted, scale model of a Parasaurolophus, a superb, detailed model of this late Cretaceous herbivore.  A Papo Parasaurolophus dinosaur model.

A superb, model dinosaur. Great for creative, imaginative play.

Additional information

Weight 245 g



Length 22 cm


pah-rah-sore-oh-loaf-us (beside saurolophus – crested lizard)

9 reviews for Papo Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Model

  1. dstrom (verified owner)

    Another great figure from Papo. Nice add to my collection!

  2. pablo

    bueno este modelo es uno de los primeros q compre de papo y no me decepciono en nada, es excelente, aunque mi modelo vino con un color un poco diferente del de la foto, creo que segun el año a veces cambian un poco el color, muy buen servicio de envio, saludos

    good this model is one of the first buy Papo and was not disappointed at all, is excellent, although my model came with a slightly different picture color, I think by year sometimes change a little color, very good service costs , Greetings

  3. Olly

    This is probably the best model from papo, but sadly falls victim to the tripod pose. However this is still a charming model!

  4. cryptojohn

    Good model nice colour and details.

  5. Anaz

    Lovely figure, I always thought that the herbivores in Jurassic Park were portrayed better than the meat-eaters.

  6. tapejara

    Great figure, the colour scheme (which seems vaguely based of the first Jurassic Park films parasaurolophus [the more notable appearances of this species in the later films had a different colour scheme]) isn’t too interesting, although still nice to look at. The model is most accurate, and posed in a fairly neutral pose, especially compared to many of its other Papo counterparts. So it gets points from me for accuracy, visual effect, and playability, I give it a four out of five stars.

  7. Alex (verified owner)

    Parasaurolophus has always been my favorite Hadrosaur. There have been many models of this particular species but until Papo made theirs I could never find one that made this animal justice. They were either the fat, stupid, kangaroo-like restoration so popular in the 1800 hundreds & early 20th century or just plain cartoonish looking.
    This one Is just amazing. I’ts huge but also graceful, like this animals would have been. The head is beautifully detailed especially the “duck-like” beak & the eyes have the gentle gaze of a plant-eater.
    All in all a perfect Parasaurolophus. I just wish Papo would make more Hadrosaurs.

  8. Michael

    After the Brachio, just added another vegetarian to my Papo’s collection.Always awesome models.Thank you EverythingDinos!!!GRAZIE from ITALY!!!

  9. Rhiannon (verified owner)

    I love hadrosaurs, I feel they’re quite underrated as a group because they have no violence in their forms, no horns or spikes or tail clubs or huge teeth, but they were sophisticated animals who probably had complex and fascinating behaviour. This is a lovely model, the sculpt of the body is excellent. The detail on the forefeet and hind feet is possibly not quite as fine as that seen in some Papo models it’s still very good. The model is a rather pleasing bright shade of green with subtle stripes, a paler underside and darker fore- and hind limbs. The expression is gentle but alert and the detail in the structure of the face is excellent. I’m very pleased with this model. Thank you, Papo!

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