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Papo Special Edition Gift Box Papo Juvenile Spinosaurus and Ceratosaurus

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A special edition gift box featuring a Papo Juvenile Spinosaurus and a Papo Ceratosaurus. Two super dinosaurs in a presentation gift box.

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A fantastic Papo dinosaur gift set. A Juvenile Papo Spinosaurus and a Papo Ceratosaurus together in a special edition presentation gift box. Two superb Papo dinosaur models both with articulated lower jaws.  A Papo special edition gift box with a Papo juvenile Spinosaurus and a Papo Ceratosaurus.  A Papo special edition gift box Papo juvenile Spinosaurus and Ceratosaurus.

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1 review for Papo Special Edition Gift Box Papo Juvenile Spinosaurus and Ceratosaurus

  1. Raji (verified owner)

    Odd choice of pairing, but great figures nonetheless.

    I love the Ceratosaurus from this gift box. The pose is great, especially as it’s able to stand sturdy on its own two feet (well, it stands on one foot and rests on two toes from the other foot). It’s also a very neutral pose, this Ceratosaurus could be sauntering along in a peaceful manner but at the flick of its articulated jaw it’s charging towards a foe.
    The detail on the sculpt is also amazing. The model isn’t the largest that Papo offers but the incredible attention to detail really makes this model pack a punch. The colours chosen, various shades of green, white and gold, brilliantly showcase the finely sculpted scales.

    The Juvenile Spinosaurus is also a good model, but it does have some flaws. It too stands well on its own two feet and boasts a very playful pose. One thing I want to make abundantly clear, the stock photo does this figure no justice. The figure itself looks no where near as goofy as the stock photo may lead one to believe. The Juvenile Spinosaurus truly does look like a young version of Papo’s existing Spinosaurus model, and the two look great together.
    However, the figure does have a couple of issues. Firstly, the detail on the face doesn’t match up to the rest of the body. While the body is covered in a variety of finely sculpted scales like that of the Ceratosaurus, the face lacks such detail, looking smoother and shinier than the rest of the body. Speaking of the face, the lower jaw feels very loose. It’s still pose-able and does maintain whatever position you put it in, but it wobbles from side to side a lot and I’m not entirely sure if the jaw could withstand any rough play from a child. The final problem, and I’m assuming that these are just with my model, are paint flaws (claws weren’t painted on one foot, large black splodge on the end of the tail).
    It’s a good model though, and I’m glad to see another young dinosaur model being produced, especially a Spinosaurus since I don’t know of any other young Spinosaurus toys being produced.

    My conclusion, it’s a great set despite a couple of flaws. It’s definitely good value for money and would surely make a great gift for any dinosaur enthusiast.

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