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A fantastic model of a feathered Velociraptor by Papo. A Papo feathered Velociraptor dinosaur model.

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A beautiful model of a feathered Velociraptor by Papo. A Papo feathered Velociraptor dinosaur model with an articulated lower jaw. A feathered Velociraptor model.

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Weight 95 g



Length 17 cm approx.


vel-oh-see-rap-tor (speedy bird of prey)

5 reviews for Papo Feathered Velociraptor

  1. sergio.reyes.t (verified owner)

    Marvelous figure depicting a feathered velociraptor. The color scheme is beautiful yet the raptor still looks tenacius as it should be. The articulated jaw gives it more punch and its fun to play with different angles (the interior is well detailed).

    Only complain is some silver patches here and there, not sure if it’s part of the intended color scheme. Anyway, it has so many wonderfull colors that it’s barely noticeable.

  2. Matthew (verified owner)

    Outstanding model.

    I bought this figure from Australia and it arrived in just over a week. The figure itself has incredible detail and sculpt, as well as an interesting and menacing pose, that would make an excellent addition to any dino-fan’s collection. This feathered variant provides an awesome alternative to Papo’s other velociraptor model due to it’s increased scientific (although not entirely) accuracy. Excellent customer service with the courtesy email and the fact sheet that came with the model. Am looking forward to buying from Everything Dinosaur again!

  3. Raji

    Fantastic figure.

    I actually bought this figure to custom paint as a gift for someone, but after receiving it I was very tempted to keep it. The sculpt is phenomenal, as is it’s wonderful paint job. While perhaps on the skinny side, Papo’s interpretation of a Velociraptor is by far one of the best.

    • mike

      Thank you Raji, for your kind words about the Papo Feathered Velociraptor figure.

  4. TheSpinoRex

    This is probably the first feathered Velociraptor I have and hopefully not the last. Very good executed model and my raptor pack alpha, this model is 10/10!

  5. Rhiannon

    This model has been well worth waiting for. Anatomical niggles are well publicised and obvious from pictures alone, but there’s no escaping how beautifully sculpted and produced this figure is in the hand. As with all Papo dinosaur models, the detail is intense and multi-layered, making it a real feast for the eyes; very much worth looking at from every angle. Highlights include slightly tattered primary feathers and bird-like skin on the throat and ankles. The long, low head does have a slightly up-swept snout and is deeply menacing with large, baleful orange eyes and dark red crests. It is particularly effective with the jaws open, revealing terrifying, finely sculpted and painted teeth, a beautifully painted and sculpted tongue and fleshy details picked out in slick paint that make them appear suitably moist and frothy. Truly alive! Whilst the colour scheme is not particularly naturalistic, it’s certainly very bright and striking, and I’ve never seen as many colours, in as many layers, on a mass-produced model like this. I get the impression that Papo took accusations that their range is a little “dull” in its colour palette somewhat to heart, and threw everything at this model! As the paint is applied with the same forensic attention to detail as the sculpt it makes for a very striking model indeed, on top of balancing upright on one foot a a claw very well! Yes, it’s not a perfect Velociraptor, and yes, the seams are quite obvious but when the production values are of this incredible standard, I’m just very grateful this exists at all, I’m utterly delighted with it and I’m sure anyone who loves dinosaurs will be too!

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